Winter Skincare for People with Oily Skin – What the Experts Say!


If you are residing in a certain part of the earth where chilly winds have started blowing and the air’s getting the nip, we are certain that you are reconsidering your skincare regime. Sure, the winters are snowy, cold and makes you cosy, but with the temperature going down, the skin is getting stressed, and it’s taking a toll on the skin’s health. It’s a common myth that the winter season only worsens dry skin, but it’s equally challenging for people with oily skin.

It doesn’t matter which skincare type you have; you need to tweak the skincare routine. Generally, we slather our face with oil-rich moisturizers, but they often clog the pores. However, it only happens when you don’t know which are the right skincare products and a suitable method of following a skincare regime. With this article, we are sharing some tips about Winter Skincare for People with Oily Skin or combination skin. So, are you ready to get the smooth and soft skin texture?

Does Winter Really Affect The Skin?

Does Winter Really effects skin

Yes, the winter season and those chilly winds really take a toll on the skin. That’s because, in the winter season, the low humidity and dry air will destroy the skin (yup, humidity is actually great for skin since it helps keep the skin smooth and reduce the chances of flaking). Even more, the heaters will result in dry surroundings, damaging the skin even more. Keep in mind that these dry and less humid surroundings will take a toll on even oily skin.

As a result, the skin will start looking red, itchy, sensitive, uncomfortable, and dull. That being said, you cannot control the winter season, and heaters cannot be turned off either, so the right choice is to work on your skincare regime. The general rule of thumb is selecting hydrating skincare products as they help smoothen the skin and provide comfort.

Tweaking the Skincare Regime for Winter

Regardless of your skin type, you need to avoid skincare products that create a greasy layer or coating on the skin. This is because it can result in bumps and clogged pores. So, to ensure that skin keeps thriving during the winter season, start by ditching the oily moisturizers and cleansers because it’s one of the biggest mistakes. The best skincare regime is using lightweight products and layering them on the skin. Also, while choosing the skincare products, make sure that there are rejuvenating and smoothening ingredients.

When you go out to buy the skincare boxes (okay, products), it is suggested to buy a combination of boosters and serums as they provide the best results. In addition, the boosters and serums are formulated with lightweight formulas and ingredients that create an even skin tone, soft and smooth skin, and make it more glowing and radiant. Secondly, the small cosmetic boxes should have products that provide nourishment to the skin and make it gentle.

For instance, you can use a toner with rejuvenating properties, a water-based cleanser, and a BHA exfoliator. Also, don’t make the mistake of using an AHA exfoliator because it’s not suggested for oily skin. On the other hand, the BHA exfoliator helps nourish the skin and remove the dead skin cells. In addition to these products, use a weightless moisturizer and don’t forget the sunscreen. In case you want to use a night-time moisturizer, it’s better to use a gel-based product. In the section below, we are sharing an easy skincare regime and the right steps to follow, such as;

  • In AM and PM skincare routine, use a water-based cleanser
  • In AM and PM skincare routine, use a skin-rejuvenating toner (don’t rinse it)
  • Apply your BHA exfoliator once a week
  • In AM and PM skincare routine, use hyaluronic acid and avoid the eye area
  • Add an antioxidant serum to your AM and PM skincare routine
  • For an AM skincare routine, use tinted sunscreen and moisturizer. On the other hand, use a moisture gel for night-time skincare

Mistakes To Avoid

When you follow tips about Winter Skincare for People with Oily Skin, it can easily help your skin go through the chilly winter season without damaging the skin. In simpler words, it can result in hydrated, smooth, and balanced skin. In addition, it won’t clog the pores or grease the skin. For this reason, we are sharing some winter skincare mistakes that you must avoid, such as;

  • Do not use clay masks during the winter season if your skin is not too oily. However, you can use a primer or a mattifier to reduce the chances of oily T-zone
  • If your skin is getting flaky, don’t even think about using the cleansing brush unless the bristles are made with cashmere. However, if you don’t have such a cleansing brush, use a washcloth and apply the rejuvenating toner
  • If your skin is getting bumpy and clogged, don’t use skincare products that have sensitive or drying ingredients, such as menthol, eucalyptus, and alcohol
  • Lastly, if you have access to niacinamide serum, use it to shrink the pores and even out the skin tone. In addition, it will help the skin moisture and hydration

So, guys, is this a skincare routine that amazes you?

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