Vifah Miami Outdoor Dining Set

Vifah Miami Outdoor Dining Set

Why It’s Great

Vifah Miami Outdoor Dining Set is great because it comes with two separate benches. It’s made from solid acacia hardwood. It is a very good hardwood. (In addition to being alluring and continual, acacia is also known for being quite dense and decay-resistant.) The table measures nearly five feet long and seats six people comfortably. A family with more people should use this table as it provides you with the best accommodation.

Vifah Miami Outdoor Dining Set provides us with so many features. Its most alluring feature is that it’s comfortable to sit on and provides us with proper suspicious accommodation. It’s a very attractive Table. It has a very sleek proper finish. It is constructed in a very beautiful shape and size. The pleasing features of this table make it more fun for people to enjoy. It is made of acacia wood. It is a very good quality hardwood. This Harwood is very durable and can last long easily. It is very easy to assemble this table is proper symmetry which requires

Advantages of Vifah Miami Outdoor Dining Set

  • Fast and easy to assemble

It is very easy and fast to assemble this table. As it requires no time and easily gets settle in seconds without any hurdle

  • The Table is attractive, sturdy, and comfortable

This table provides you with complete comfort. It is very attractive that once people aim to have this table whenever they see it at first glance.

This table is very good weather resistant. No matter however the weather is, this table gives us complete weather protection.

  • It is easy to clean

The cleaning of this table is very much easy as there is only a need for a soft dry cloth to wipe it properly. Normally it doesn’t get dirty so soon, but once if it gets dirty so only a bare cloth is needed to clean it.

Vifah Miami Outdoor Dining Set

Cons of Vifah Miami Outdoor Dining Set

  • Heavy in weight

It is a bit heavy in weight. A single person cannot lift it. At a time two persons are needed to lift it.

  • It is not portable

This table is not easy to carry anywhere. because it is heavy in weight. It requires more people and time to carry this table.


Some of the alternatives of this table are given as:

  • Santorini Patio Dining Sets
  • New Castle Outdoor Teak Wood Bench

Vifah Miami Outdoor Dining Set


The Vifah Miami Outdoor Dining Set is a very good set. It gives you immense pleasure while sitting outdoors at this table and having your meal. You can enjoy your leisure time very calmly on your lawn as these tables and chairs provide you with complete comfort. This table is very good and has chance to last long because it is good weather-resistant. Even it is easy to wipe this table only we need a dry smooth cloth to wipe it properly and this table is good to go. But it is not portable at all; it requires more than one person to carry this table. To lift this table and to make this table move from one place to the other we need at a time at least 2 or 3 persons.

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