Red Cedar Wooden Picnic Table

Cedar Wood Picnic Table

Why it’s great

This table is good because it is hand-assembled and beautifully constructed that once at least a person is attracted. However, this table is very suspicious and 8 adults can fit into it easily. Cedarwood Table gives a very thin, smooth look. The finishing of this table is so fine. Most people prefer this table made from cedar just because of its beauty. It has a very shiny surface.

The red cedar wooden picnic table gives a very ravishing look. A cedar wood picnic table is very strong and adorable wood. Spacious enough to sit eight adults comfortably, it is a hand-built picnic table. It gives a unique look to the house as it is hand-built.

This table is available in eight different stain choices, including gray, cedar, and oak. Different colors give different vibes to the backyard or the garden where it is displayed. Even the environment of the garden looks serene.

It measures almost eight feet long and 27 inches wide and it’s made from red cedar wood, which naturally resists rot and decay. As this table is very antique so special delivery will be required.

Advantages of Red Cedar Wooden Picnic Table

Textured To Look And Feel Like An Actual Wood

It is so finely and smoothly textured that it gives a unique and elegant look to your table and makes it attractive.

Resistant To Fading And Staining

It is well resistant to fading and staining. It means it doesn’t fade and stain so early. Its time span is longer than compared to the other tables.

Insect Resistant

It is very good insect resistant. The insects do not attack it so early it has a specific time span. So it is good insect resistant.

Never Has To Be Sealed, Stained, Or Painted

It is never sealed, stained, and painted because it is good quality wood. It did not get sealed, stained, or painted so early because it is super durable.


It is very long and durable too because it is made very strong and thick and strong. So this is the reason that it is so long-lasting.

Advantages of Cedar Wooden Picnic Table

Expensive- Composite Boards Can Cost Up To 5 Times As Wood

The composite boards cost up to 5 times as much wood which is very much costly. It is considered an enormous disadvantage of cedarwood.

Not Real Wood- No Matter How Authentic The Wood Look Is, There’s No Changing The Fact That Is Not Genuine Wood

Cedarwood is a kind of wood that is not genuine because this wood is engineered with both plastic content and wood fiber.

Some Types Of Composite Need Specific Fasteners For Installation

There are some kinds of composite that need a specific rivet for installation


Siberian Larch

It is a suitable alternative for imported Western Red Cedar. It is imported from Russia.


Cedar Wood is pleasant wood. Many people, while purchasing the table, keep this wood on their priority list. This wood gives a very shiny and sleek look to our tables. The red cedar wooden table gives you both an attractive feel and complete usability.  It is fully resistant to fading and staining. It can go for a long time with no stain on it. This wood is long-lasting though, but it’s expensive too. Usually, when people want to buy anything within their budget so mostly they exclude this wood as it is expensive. The only quality for which cedar wood is special or people prefer it is its structure and shiny smooth look which it gives to furniture otherwise this is not real wood, so usually, people exclude it from their priority list. It is a fancy wood so the picnic table made up of this wood looks good displayed in the garden. All in whole it depends on the user’s choice whether or not they want to prefer this wood.

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