Best PUBG Mobile Controller in 2021

Are you like a PUBG fan? And would you like to improve your in-game skills and KD? If in the game, you can use two or three fingers. You cannot fire without any doubt shoot and sprint simultaneously to overeat chicken.

When you look at so many pro players, they practice PUBG using over two digits. But, it takes time and practice, so many companies add triggers for mobile PUBG to simplify your work and give you the feeling of four fingers playing (also called a claw). Those triggers will allow you to develop your PUBG Gaming abilities as two fingers. Nonetheless, it is hard for anyone to choose a good and enduring cause for yourself.

Unless you don’t have game controllers enabled, you can find a screenshot on your smartphone like PUBG very tiring. You can boost your performance at the same time by using the PUBG mobile controllers.

Best PUBG Mobile Controller

You can rely on them to aim and shoot your goals quickly. So let’s have a look at these PUBG mobile controllers. The following are 10 PUBG game controllers to help you find the right one.

PUBG Mobile Controller

Mobile Game Controller/ Trigger for PUBG/ Fortnite

If you are seeking the best trigger PUBG mobile controller, then you can move, turn, aim, and shoot simultaneously using your finger index when you click the buttons with this PUBG Controller Mobile. You can easily attach your cell phone to the Button Style Trigger. You do not have to run this gadget with any power supply or driver. Critic Ops, PUBG, Fortnite, Battle Royale, Knives Out, Survival Rules, and Survivor Royale, are sponsored for Androids and iOS devices.

Combo Full-function Xbox 360 Controller without the Games or Micro Controller are the main features. The PUBG Controller will allow you to enjoy all the awesome BATTLE ROYALE & PUBG with all the peripherals and extras required! Compatible with Samsung Galaxy and HTC Android phones are best for use.

The Button Style Trigger allows simultaneous button presses. It has several built-in settings to fine-tune your accuracy to your liking.

It recommends that you could use the PUBG Mobile Controller that is ideal for players who want to play with ease on the go. Whether you are running from the blast zone or running for your life from an enemy RPG, using this controller makes such activities a breeze.

Combo Full-function Xbox 360 Controller without the Games or Micro Controller are the main features.

The PUBG Controller will allow you to enjoy all the awesome BATTLE ROYALE & PUBG with all the peripherals and extras required! Compatible with Samsung Galaxy and HTC Android phones are best for use.

  • 1.Start your game and press the ‘Control-Settings’ button.
  • 2.Switch to the top left corner of the “Rocket” button.
  • 3.Drive to the top right corner of the “Goal” Button.
  • 4.Switch the Fire and Target buttons in the handheld game controller’s touchpad.
  • 5.Make sure all is in order and “save” the setup.
  • Smart Coding
  • Quick Fix
  • Ease to play with multi-purpose
  • The trigger button is smooth and soft to play

  • Stress on eyes
  • Heat up after 30 minutes.

BAVST PUBG Mobile Controller

 It is highly recommended that the best PUBG mobile controller is now on the list. For a fast, quick response, BAVST Mobile Game Controller features high-density alloy and conductive rubber buttons. The system enables you to play with four fingers and aim and shoot the target quickly. The PUBG game controller is equipped with a power bank that provides extra power anytime. The calm but stable fan ensures high output without overheating your smartphone.

Smartphones supported by Samsung, iPhone, Lumia, Nokia, Huawei, and HTC. The system also fits well with 6.5.

The PUBG mobile with a controller designed for those who want a powerful PC gaming experience on the go. It’s also compatible with consoles such as the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. It also has a built-in LED light that lets you know when it’s charging.

The PUBG game controller is ultra-durable and made of durable aluminum alloy. The inside surface of the smartphone section is made of black-anodized aluminum alloy with an actual tough protective coating that will make your device show up on your nightstand at night.

The PUBG Mobile Game Controller lets you play without mics and is compatible with all significant headsets for an immersive experience. With a customizable layout, you can easily adjust to your preferences. One of the perfect features is the accessibility of the controls. Make sure you know your character and the weapons you plan to use.

  • Adjust the touchable button position to meet the trigger pad completely, then save settings.

This controller suits mobile sizes up to 6.5 inches in size. This controller does not fit thick telephone cases, please uninstall your situation and adjust your handset, follow the instructions to set up controls. The device must be accompanied by size and measurements.

  • Available in best size of .5 inch
  • Enhance multitasking ability
  • High focusing power
  • Sustainability dials

  • Shooting power sometimes boost up
  • Little bit expense
  • The display sometimes make your eyes irritating

Mobile Game Controller Sensitive Shoot Aim Joysticks – Gamepad/ ps4 Controller

 Although you need the best PUBG mobile controller for IOS and android phones. Then the Applicable for iOS and Android games like PUBG, Vital Ops, Knives Out, Survivor Royale, and Survival Regulations are trendy nowadays in Mobile Game Controller sensitive shoot aim joysticks gamepad. With that, you can also play games that can be personalized and dragged with your mobile devices.

The telescopic boom design allows the controller to fit into the different sizes of touch screen smartphones as long as they are 6.5 inches long.

The telescopic boom design also means you can use the controller with a larger screen using the adjustment holes on the side. You can even use the handle on top to draw and tilt your fingers as needed. Control the PlayStation 4 using a PlayStation 3 Controller using your iPhone or Android device! 

The minimal color contrast of the controller also makes it easy to distinguish between each other as you play various adapters that are available and sold separately. Once you purchase this product, you may use it with any touchscreen smartphone.

High-density rubber and alloy buttons guarantee a fast and responsive response. You don’t need power or drive, easy to use, high precision, and enhanced game performance. Easy to operate. However, you can efficiently and reliably manage the backpack, open the mirror, leap, and right the sonde, sit the sonde, fall, adjust the bomb, and shoot. Thanks to extremely sensitive conductor silicone. So it’s the best option for PUBG lovers for ps4 users.

  • 1. Start the game by pressing the Control-Customized settings buttock; 
  • 2. Throw “Blast” on the right corner top; 
  • 3. Throw the “Target” button on the right corner top;
  •  4. Add the shoot-and-target buttons under the mobile game controller touchpad 
  • 5. “Save “your settings.
  • 6. Take off the case of mobile.
  • 7. Lock the humps to keep them secure on the back.
  • 8. Place your phone on the gamepad, finally.
  • Best target hit the speed
  • The additional joystick makes your controller unique
  • High-quality with multi-display
  • Stereo speakers

  • Eyesight affect
  • A stand of the controller is too long

PUBG Fortnite Mobile Game Controller – PUBG mobile Xbox controller

In case you need the best PUBG mobile controller for your Xbox, then PUBG Fortnite Mobile Game provides the ultimate gameplay experience with smartphone fire key triggers and mobile game grip cases. The high-quality materials on each gamepad button. The app will take L1R1 triggers to the next level to mimic the experience of the game controller.

You can switch the game controller by turning left or right, aiming, and firing. It is also easy for you to play games for a long time with the moving SEMSA game holder. The game can be played on Android and IOS smartphones using either PUBG or Fortnite. You can run the SEMSA game holder with no need to use a computer.

An exclusive desktop version allows playing PUBG on the PUBG panel. You can take control of an image. It is an item suitable for all Android smartphones and IOS devices and is available in sizes: small (iPhone 7/7 Plus), medium (iPhone 6/6 Plus), and significant.

  • 1.By using Button Style, Trigger to connect your mobile phone,
  • 2.No Power supply and driver needed, ordinary game controllers
  • 3.Save settings 
  • 4.Lock to hump to save that setting back.
  • 5.Customize option 
  • Longevity
  • Great feedback
  • Maximum visibility
  • Increase mobility

  • Expensive
  • Colors effect on eyes if not available in HD version

FORTNITE & PUBG Mobile Game Controller

For the direct per sec shoot, the best controller for PUBG mobile is Fortnite and PUBG mobile game controller. With its triggers taking four shots per second, the mobile King’s handheld controller guarantees better gaming performance. The gamepad has an ergonomic style and a smooth and discreet joystick. You can use the instruction manual to learn how a good game can be developed and optimized.

The Mobile Wristband Reward Kings helps you to optimize grip and win. The Mobile Kings’ game controller supports shooting games like PUBG, Survival Rules, the Royale Survivor, Vital Ops, Fortnite, and Black Ops. You can use it with a length of 4.5 to 6.5 inches on your Android phone or iPhone.

The gamepad comes with a 7-inch capacitive touchscreen, which offers crisp and clear images. The engine also features the Red Dot design for easy identification. The wireless controller also supports Bluetooth connectivity for flexible and precise wireless connections. Users can download games from Google Play to their mobile phones. You can buy this with closed eyes as the best mobile game controller it is. 

  • 1.Start your game -> press the ‘Control-Settings’ button.
  • 2.Switch to the top left corner -> “Rocket” button.
  • 3.Drive to the top right corner -> “Goal” Button.
  • 4.Switch the Fire -> Target buttons.
  • 5.Make sure all is in order -> “save” the setup.
  • Precise wireless connection
  • Best for IOS and android devices as well as iPhone
  • Better performance
  • Ergonomic style

  • Mobile battery drains easily
  • Single round time is not good

Mobile Game Controller – PUBG Mobile Controller

You are in search of ease and comfort; then, the best PUBG portable controller is with a joystick. The Mobile Game Controller comes with a joystick that allows you to play a six-finger mobile game. The gamepad also features sensitive Joypad Triggers, which help you simultaneously achieve and develop your gaming skills. With the transparent design, the screen blocks are prevented, and the trigger can be changed via a film.

The gamepad is fitted with a camouflage handle for easy holds. You can use it for Fortnite, PUBG, Knives Out, CrossFire, Survival Rules, and Judgment Day. Terminator 2. Just one mobile game controller and one Star Game Handle pack come when the product is bought.

The screen allows you to read text while the joystick gives you accurate control. For fun and interactive gaming, use the Speed Round Trigger to achieve some fantastic levels of speed. The joystick has four levels of resistance to support your finger more effectively.

You can be the best part of the game if your suitable controller is good. This game controller is part of the popular Android gaming app at the Google Play Store.

It features several functions such as digital display, on-screen buttons, and four buttons for multiplayer features. It can be installed on your android mobile phone and can be used without a keyboard. Other unique features in this game controller are volume control and an energy gauge.

Requirements: HDMI Cable, USB port (internet connection), Easy to Use PC Software

You have to connect the controller to the USB port of your PC or Mac and insert the joystick to the GamePad button. It will be automatically detected. You can play your game by pressing the joystick.

You can also configure the joystick and the micro USB to work simultaneously and to connect it to multiple devices.

  • Amazing speed round trigger
  • Digital display
  • On-screen buttons
  • Best for all devices

  • Errors detected during installation
  • Hang up your device
  • Costly

YICHUMY Mobile Game Controller

For better features and Function YICHUMY Mobile Game Controller is a 2 in 1 gamepad. You may use this as a game controller or manage a computer telephone. The gadget is sponsored by games like Survivor Royale, PUBG, and Vital ops, Knives Out, Fortnite, and Survival Regulations.

You should switch on the fire and aim buttons so that the screen operates smoothly. The gamepad offers better play experiences since four fingers will function simultaneously.

The standard ergonomic design is also compatible with both left and right-handed players. There’s an adjustable analog stick, a start button, a back button, three buttons, and a tilt wheel.

 If you need the texture of the leather shell that is soft and the form factor is ergonomic. Then the power button and headphone jack on the controller is located at the top. When you play the game on the gamepad, it will display all functions. The unique design of the gift will surely bring you

It is provided with Bluetooth connection, and all buttons are compatible with any game that supports external hardware controllers such as Google Chromecast

  • 1.Open the customize setting.
  • 2.Throw Blast to the top of the right corner;
  • 3.Throw the button “goal” on the top of the left;
  • 4.Add the mobile game controller button “touch-and-argue” to the touchpad
  • 5.Save “your settings.”
  • 6.Pick up a portable case.
  • 7.Seal the humps on their back to keep them secure.
  • 8.Place your phone eventually on the gamepad.
  • Mini-game controller
  • Portable
  • The smart device you can put into your pocket
  • Easy to use

  • Trigger buttons are a little hard during use
  • Create stress on eyes

PUBG Mobile Game Controller – 2 Triggers and 6 Keychains

Here the more robust product with excellent features is the PUBG mobile game controller with 2 Triggers and 6 keychains. With the Highly Responsive Button Triggers, PUBG Mobile Game Controller connects your phone. The unit is lightweight and small, so you can quickly put it in your pocket and play games anywhere you want.

It is IOS / Android games compatible with Critical missions, Survival rules, and PUBG, Knives Out, and Royale survivors. The Fire button boosts the game’s output readily available.

This controller is one of the top-performing game controllers of all time. The stylish design and top-notch features make it easy to see right from your phone. Just like previous models, there are five functions you can assign to the top of the controller, allowing you to customize your gameplay style. The principal, turbo and gameplay buttons have a spring

This controller has a reversible profile enabling you to control the game in any way you want. It provides you with full sensitivity using a smart feature. The controller can be used as a home or workstation controller so you can play anywhere, any time.

  • 1.Start your game and click on ‘Customize Settings. ‘Please change the FIRE button to the left upper corner.
  • 2.Drag and tap the right corner of the Goal button.
  • 3.Set aim and goal buttons below the mobile game controller touchpad 
  • 4.Save and restart your game settings.
  • 5.For quick tapping of buttons when playing on the screen:
  • 6.Press the right touchpad above the screen to quickly tap goals or player shots.
  • 7.Press the left touchpad below the screen to tap shot buttons quickly.
  • Best work station controller
  • Reserve control
  • Customize game style
  • Top-notch features

  • Effect on eyes badly
  • Not suitable for multiplayer.

AnoKe Game Trigger – Mobile Game Controller for PUBG

AnoKe Game Trigger is the ideal game for four fingers PUBG playback. You will use it to target your aim as you travel and develop your play skills. You will boost your gaming experience with the LR buttons and grip and decrease the chances of finger addictions. The lightweight nature helps you to always and everywhere play with the gadget.

In addition to PUBG, the mobile game trigger is compatible with Survival Rules, Critical Ops, Knives Out, and the Royale Survivor. The portable AnoKe controller can also work on your smartphone with the bumper cover. The cellular triggers for cellular L1R1 are highly sensitive for quicker and easier targeting.

You can use the mouse’s control button to move the shooting position while using the mouse pad as a trigger for your guns. Since the axis of the trigger is exactly aligned with the X and Y-axis of the mouse pad, the PUBG joystick is supported, and there’s no need to make certain movements, only the direction of the movement.

  • 1. Click Control-Customize to start your game.
  • 2. Switch to the top left corner of the button AIM / Fire OR ToggleCrouch / ToggleProne.
  • 3. Right or ToggleCrouch / ToggleProne to the top right-hand corner, push Sample Left / Check. [Their patterns you should adapt to.]
  • 4. Save Setting.
  • Best bumper over 
  • Best comfortable and affordable controller
  • Lightweight
  • Highly sensitive with target

  • Expensive

iPEGA PG-9129 Bluetooth Controller – PUBG Mobile Bluetooth controller

The next deal is budget-oriented and perfect for those who want the most tactility in mobile gaming from a game controller. The iPEGA PG-9129 controller gives a lightweight mobile holder with a length of 86 millimeters. There are also large buttons, and a turbo mode allows users to lock on buttons twice as many actions as usual.

This is mostly useful in games like PUBG Mobile or Fortnite for sprinting or shooting. You can connect up to four separate Bluetooth devices and switch between them seamlessly with the iPEGA PG-9129 with a smooth textured handle.

It is only available at 17.20 USD, and we highly advise those who want a robust and reliable gaming controller that does not break the bank as well.

 A headband allows for the kind of comfortable and sturdy-feeling that mobile gaming needs to be appreciated and used correctly.

 From the edges of the casing are included many feel-good cutouts for internal connectivity, including a power port, Micro USB port, headset jack, a remote button and 3.5mm audio out jacks. The adjustable wrist straps make it easy to keep the device in your fingers when not using it for it’s the ideal choice for you to buy.

  • 1. Enter Game Settings
  • 2. Control
  • 3. Customize;
  • 4. Adjust touchable button position to meet trigger pad completely
  • 5. Save settings.
  • Comfortable and sturdy
  • Best for Bluetooth devices
  • Smooth textured handle
  • The robust and reliable gaming controller

  • Jack is not so durable
  • Heavyweight


Frequently Asked Questions

How to Play PUBG Mobile with a PS4 Controller?

To play PUBG mobile with the controller you will need an OTG cable for your PS4 controller for the Bluetooth initial link. Make sure your computer has the right port for the USB adapter. Some OTG cables are fitted with a new USB-c adapter.

Is PUBG Mobile Controller Compatible?

Currently, Android phones are compatible with PUBG mobile controller. It won’t have to patch the USB, because Game systems would prevent it from being detected. The game controller for PUBG mobile supports all smartphones (Android, IOS) 

Can you play PUBG Mobile with an Xbox Controller?

There are several choices for those who choose to use a controller, but none of them is so easy to attach the controller to the Xbox or PlayStation. Alternatively, you should try to fit your mobile device with the arms that are specially placed around the physical controller shell and click on the button.

How to Use a Controller on PUBG mobile?       

There is no official game controller support for PUBG Mobile, but you can attach and push a Bluetooth-enabled controller to your mobile device, but no actions are mapped on the buttons. Players will be shocked to hear that a PUBG Mobile controller can be used. Bluetooth controllers can be used by players to play PUBG Mobile with a controller, and to connect to their moving unit or android with different apps and software’s you can use controller on PUBG mobile.

How to Use the Controller on PUBG Mobile?

PUBG mobile controller support helps you in this aspect. Nonetheless, you might want to configure the controls very well, by design. I’m not going to suggest anything as this is your choice. But I would prefer to use the regular interface if you had played PUBG on a Mac.

As of this day, the Sixaxis Controller App on a rooted computer with a Dual Shock 3 or DualShock 4 remote is one of the easiest ways to play or use controller PUBG Mobile with Android controller.


Consider having an ergonomically built PUBG mobile controller that makes your hands more comfortable to play. The tool also should have handle and buttons for a quick and rapid response, made from high-density materials.

Pick one that is both Android and iOS compatible and will allow you to play with four fingers simultaneously.

Let us know; we will be happy to hear from you in the comments section below!



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