Novogratz Paulette Dining Set

Novogratz Paulette Dining Set

Why it’s great

If you’re looking to give your backyard a retro kind of look, you should use this table. This table provides you with a complete classic vibe. Novogratz Paulette Dining Set is great because of its alluring shape and size. Usually, the frame is in bright yellow color but it comes in different colors according to the changing style day by day. It is very easy to keep it clean—simply wipe it down with a damp cloth. The table is five feet long and it provides you with good accommodation.

Not only does the table have a small footprint, but the benches also insert neatly underneath when you’re finished eating. Because of the style and dimensions, this set would also be a natural fit indoorsNovogratz Paulette Dining set Is a very classic set. It gives a very chic look to the location wherever it is placed whether inside the house or in the garden. Its topmost feature is its durability which makes it significant from other tables. It is a weather-resistant set that mixes teak-colored resin and powder-coated steel.

This powder-coated steel gives it a long-term life. It doesn’t rust soon just because of this protective powdered layer on it. This table appears in many colors but commonly in which color it appears are red, gray, yellow, and white. The best part of this table is that it provides you with a table tuck-in feature. When you are done with eating. This feature of this table makes it much more convenient for us to use it. This wooden table set provides you with a great finish that can also be a natural fit indoors.

Advantages of Novogratz Paulette Dining Set

  • Patio bistro set perfect for playtime and fun hangs outside.

This table is best to spend your leisure time with ease as it provides you with complete comfort.

  •  Move indoors to a sunroom or cozy nooks to add color to your home

It gives very beautiful and pleasing colors to our house. It comes in different bright colors.

  • Seats up to 2 Novogratz family members comfortably.

This table has very versatile accent furniture and can easily bring indoors if we want to spend time indoor

  • Maintenance-free weather-resistant steel frame powder-coated in Bright Turquoise

This table is very good weather resistant as it provides a long-term life. It is very long-lasting and doesn’t rust too soon because this powder coating keeps it secure for a long time.

  • Seating weight capacity of 250 lbs per chair and 100 lbs for the table

Novogratz Paulette table provides you with the best sitting capacity. Everyone can adjust easily to this table.

Novogratz Paulette Dining Set

Disadvantages of Novogratz Paulette Dining Set

  • After a certain time, it starts getting rusted

It’s not too durable; it starts getting rust after a certain time period. it’s not too longlasting

  • Its round shape is not properly balanced

This table doesn’t provide a complete balance. As it is round in shape so it doesn’t give a complete proper hold on the table.

  • The back does not fit into the chair seat

This is the very big problem with this chair that it does not fit into the chair seat in this way the back starts paining


  • Metal

Metal is the best alternative

  • Acacia Wood

It is also one of the best alternatives to this table

Novogratz Paulette Dining Set


Novogratz Paulette Dining Set is a very unique and retro kind of styled dining set. It gives a perfect look in the garden when displayed. This gives a very charming look to the dining or wherever it is displayed. It’s convenient to clean this table with a damp cloth so we can easily wipe it. This table provides the best accommodation. It appears in many colors and gives a very smooth and chic look this table provides. It provides a powder coating on the steel and does not rust too soon. This table is very comfortable. We can tuck in our seats after we are done with our eating

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