Who Is The Most Popular ASMR Artist 2021?

Are you wondering to know Who Is The Most Popular ASMR Artist 2021? ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is a dimension of content that is designed to induce a relaxing and mind-soothing effect to your mind and subjective euphoria. No worry whether you are an ASMR veteran or just came by this idea and stepped into the ASMR world.

Look At The Most Popular ASMR Artist 2021

Here we have shortlisted the most popular ASMR artists 2021 and YouTubers that have created the most trending ASMR content and got viral on the internet. So let’s take a look.



  • Name: SAS ASMR
  • Subscribers: 9.23 M
  • Most popular video: ASMR HONEYCOMB (Extremely STICKY Satisfying EATING
  • SOUNDS) NO TALKING( 48 M views)
  • First post: Nov 12, 2016

SAS-ASMR artist is at the top of the ASMR content-making community nowadays. She uses the Best ASMR microphone Ears and also She is specialized in making food-related ASMR videos. SAS’s videos show up the trend of ‘mukbang’. It is the South Korean trend of eating food in front of the camera with ASMR triggers. SAS has also a large fan following on her vlog channel where she posts different challenging videos featuring her friends and family. Her most popular has got 48 M views in which she is eating extremely sticky honeycomb for over 12 minutes.



  • Name: Gibi Klein
  • Subscribers: 3.64 M
  • Most popular video: Dentist, Eye, Cranial Nerve, Sleep Clinic, Lice, Ear Exam, Ear Cleaning, Makeup, Spa! (24 M views)
  • First post: June 20, 2016

Having gained millions of subscribers Gibi-ASMR is one of the most famous ASMR artists on the web. The reason for her fame is her soft-spoken roleplay and makeup videos. She has a strong passion for cosplay as well, something that reflects in the characters that she uses during her videos for the roleplay.



  • Name: Taylor Darling
  • Subscribers: 2.53 M
  • Most popular video: ASMR 20 Triggers To Help You Sleep (37 M views)
  • First post: March 13, 2016

The third most popular ASMR artist 2021 is Taylor Darling. She started making ASMR videos back in 2014 but didn’t post them. Her channel name on youtube is ASMR-Darling. She specializes in making help to sleep ASMRs that can be made by using different practices such as scratching, whispering, and tapping. After feeling developed Taylor decided to expand her ASMR videos on YouTube and came on this platform in 2016 by showcasing her different ASMR videos.



  • Name: Pomodoli
  • Subscribers: 2.5 M
  • Most popular video:various scalp massaging and hair brushing techniques (13 M views)
  • First post: February 15, 2015

PPOMO is a Korean ASMR artist. In the very beginning, she started to put gaming videos by 2013 but later in 2015, she shifted towards ASMR videos on YouTube. She majorly makes relaxing videos by using different comfortable techniques in abid to induce all the twinks. But staying loyal to her roots, PPOMO now posts technology and gaming content to her second YouTube channel as well.



  • Name: Michael Richter
  • Subscribers: 2.19 M
  • Most popular video: 29 Male ASMRtists (1.5 HOURS!) (16 M views)
  • First post: November 2, 2016

He always adopts new experimental methods, Zeitgeist is a sensory Most Popular ASMR Artist 2021 and scientist rolled into a single person at the same time. For the people who didn’t believe in ASMR he released it two years ago. By now it has generated millions of views and tons of positive feedbacks. If you have issues in sleeping like insomnia and go to his YouTube channel and you will feel much relaxed.



  • Name: Maria Viktorovna
  • Subscribers: 2.1 M
  • Most popular video: Sleep-inducing Haircut ASMR | Shampoo | Page Flipping | Scissors (30 M views)
  • First post: June 4, 2011

One of the most popular ASMR videos comes to us from Russia. She paved her way into the ASMR videos world by making sleep aid videos. She also shifts her characters in the videos to change the pace from video to video. Maria also has a second channel that gives behind the scenes in the life of an ASMR artist.



  • Name: Tinting
  • Subscribers: 1.96 M
  • Most popular video: Sleep recovery 3 hours of hair treatment (21 M views)
  • First post: June 4, 2011

Just exact to her name Tingting ASMR passes out the perfect and top-notch tingles in her YouTube videos. She is also the Most Popular ASMR Artist 2021. She is like a polyhistor who makes videos on everything including cosmetology to hygiene role play and much more. She is a well-known twitch streamer. Most of her videos involve the content of Chinese traditions and influences.



  • Name: Seul Gi Lee
  • Subscribers: 1.63 M
  • Most popular video: School Nurse Lice Check (14 M views)
  • First post: September 10, 2016

In the world of Latte Asmr aural treatments, cosmetics, nurse visits, and hair treatment are part of the content. She delivers every single video with soft speech and has utmost calm in it. She also stands on the list of top ASMRs in the whole world.



  • Name: Sharon Dubois
  • Subscribers: 1.52 M
  • Most popular video: ASMR Fixing You Whispered Roleplay (Gloves sounds, Face Brushing, Scratching sounds and +) (7 M views)
  • First post: October 27, 2016

Glow is the most soft-spoken and Most Popular ASMR Artist 2021 on the internet who makes the videos in a very soft and mind soothing accent. Besides being one of the perfect ASMR artists she is an experienced makeup specialist and vlogger as well and occasionally dispense with celebrity tutorials.



  • Name: Taylor Darling
  • Subscribers: 969 K
  • Most popular video: 3.5 HOURS Fabric Sounds NO TALKING (20 M views)
  • First post: July 19, 2013

She is inspired by the gentle whispering sounds. PTSD survivor Emma Smith assumed to be the identity of WhispersRed and she then began to spread the audible love among people. She is a reiki practitioner and a qualified sound therapist as well. She was the very first ASMR artist who performed live in a theatre. If you head towards her YouTube channel then you will find yourself in the hands of this expert ASMR artist.

To Sum Up!

Here we have provided you with the top 10 Most Popular ASMR Artist 2021. We hope that Only-beasts.com always stands first in giving you the exact and up-to-date knowledge and information about technology and tech-related persons as well. In this article, we provided you with a brief introduction and elaborated information about your favorite ASMR artists. Hope you will find this piece of writing helpful as well as knowledgeable.

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