Best Kids Smart Watches In 2021

In this dynamically changing world, each and everything is smart enough to compete with Artificial intelligence. What Smart and featured a watch is if it doesn’t cater to updated features? Nowadays, kids smartwatches are integrated with games and learning development. This advancement has entirely changed the concept of wearable watches in the world.

This is where the kids smart watch comes in. In the list of smart accessories, smartwatches are the top-ranked products. Along with GPS, they come elegantly designed and provide you the best gaming experience. Besides this, smartwatches are also featured with fitness tracking, to keep your child fit, active and healthy. 

That’s not enough for a parent. The Kids Smart watch doesn’t connect with your android and works as a standalone device. With this smart watch, kids can take pictures, watch videos, play games while having an eye over time. That’s how it makes life more rocking than ever.

Basically, smartwatches are one of the amazing wearable smart devices that’s not only for adults but also for kids. Because of its truly deployed experience, it becomes one of the most advanced technologies in today’s world.

In this 21st century, kids are used to having technologies around them. They are aware of how to use different gadgets. They will want the best kids smartwatch. There are multiple best smartwatches for kids but not all of them are alike.

If you’re thinking about purchasing an android phone for your kid, read on. In this article, you’ll learn about the details of the kids smartwatch phone.

Kids Smartwatch Review

This review is about the best kids smartwatches. Where we will discuss their features, pros & cons and other details to help you to make a better decision.

OJOY – Smart Watch

  • Retina Display 1.4 Inches
  • 2MP Camera
  • Fast speed with 3G and 4G LTE
  • Supported by GSM and WiFi
  • 800mAh battery

The Ojoy kids smart watch is a good choice for you if you’re looking for a high rated smartwatch at affordable prices. It’s an elegantly Designed perfect child watch, with easy set-up and global networking Support. 

In order to track your kid’s location, the advanced GPS tracker interconnects with user-friendly Android Apps. This will continuously check the location history throughout the day.

Besides this, you can give your children freedom while ensuring their safety. Thus, the issue with your child’s safety is not a big problem. You can easily monitor their moves from your Android device. 

Let’s have a look at key features of the Ojoy Kids smart watch.

  • For two way calling, it works like a smartphone.
  • Comes with 3G and 4G LTE network to ensure fast speed.GPS tracking for greater safety.Built-in camera

  • Pedometer, to track the fitness Activity of your child.
  • Integrated SIM card
  • Elegantly Designed with an eagle eye over safety.
  • 1-year warranty
  • CONS

  • Do not prevent SPAM messages.
  • It blocks all calls from unsaved numbers.
  • Specifications of SIM cards.
  • Warranty excludes physical damage.
  • OJOY – Smart Watch

    • 1.44 inches high definition LCD display
    • 400mAh battery
    • Touch screen
    • Rechargeable with a USB cable
    • 5-7 days of standby time

    Kids Game Smart watch is a complete package of advanced features for your kid’s smart life. It is elegantly designed with built-in 7 learning games. Additionally, it has up to 9 amazing features to entirely change the life of your young one. 

    Moreover, it’s easy to use interface makes it more interactive with your kids.  The kids Game smartwatch allows you to insert the SD card, to take full advantage of its features. Your kids can easily take pictures, selfies, record voices, and save in the SD card. Additionally, they can also play MP3 music with clear sound quality. 

    Let’s have a look at its key features.

    • Rechargeable and comes with a USB cable.
    • Your kids will have fun with MP3 players.
    • It comes with 9 main functions
    • Adjustable watch strap to fit nicely
    • Compatible with a wide range of phones.

  • Built-in with SOS call service
  • It can save 10 contacts.
  • It comes with a 1 GB Micro SD card.
  • Ultra-low radiation loudspeaker.
  • HD touch screen with Dial Pad
  • CONS

  • You can’t save more than 10 numbers.
  • Names of contacts can’t be modified.
  • You can’t block incoming/ outgoing calls.
  • OJOY – Smart Watch

    • 1.4 inches full-color screen display
    • 400mAh battery
    • 0.3 MP camera
    • Ultra-low radiation loudspeaker.
    • HD touch screen

    Kids smartwatch for boys and girls comes with the most useful features. its 0.3 MP camera allows your child to take selfie pictures. With a Free 1 GB Micro SD card your kids can save many pictures, record voices, and download songs. 

    Moreover, this intuitive smartwatch can work with or without a SIM card depending on your choice. With a sim card, your kids can make and receive calls. Additionally, it has seven games that help in the exercise of your child’s reaction skills.

    • Your child can receive phone calls
    • Seven games for a better experience.
    • Communicate with your child easily.
    • Multilingual and Support 5 languages.
    • Elegantly designed flexible strip to fit with any wrist size.

  • Easy interface
  • Full-color screen display
  • Comes with 1 GB Micro SD card
  • Rechargeable and comes with a USB cable.
  • Refund policy
  • CONS

  • No wifi
  • Not waterproof
  • Can’t send messages
  • OJOY – Smart Watch

    • 1.54 full HD display
    • HD 300,000 pixels camera
    • 240×240 HD display
    • GSM frequency: 850/900/1800/1900MHz

    This uniquely designed kids smartwatch has advanced features with IPS Technology. Its built-in enhanced antenna provides Communication clarity. It commits to high-quality voice calls when your kids call you.

    Besides this, it comes with emergency calling SOS service so that your young one can connect with you whenever they are in a problem.

    Moreover, with its built-in exciting games, they can enjoy their leisure time while playing amazing games with an eagle eye over time. This smartwatch gives phone-like experience, your child can receive calls, text messages, and can easily send emojis. Additionally, they can take selfie pictures and can enjoy the fun of MP3 music players. 

    • 2-way conversion with SOS emergency calling
    • 7 interesting games
    • Alarm clock, calculator, and multilingual Support
    • Can support 2G GSM network
    • SD Card to save photos and voice records

  • Voice clarity
  • Rechargeable and comes with USB cable charger
  • 128M free Micro SD Card
  • User can download photos and music audio files
  • CONS

  • Doesn’t Supports LBS and GPS tracking
  • It does not support 3G and 4G
  • Ralehong Smart Watch for Kids – Best For Kids

    • 1.54 inches full-color touch screen
    • 12/24 hr format

    Ralehong smartwatch for kids is one of the best choices to gift your young one. It supports up to 10 new functions and features with multilingual Support.

    For an amazing gaming experience in leisure time, it comes with multiple exciting games. Additionally, your kids will enjoy sound recording, selfie pictures while having fun with MP3 music players. 

    Moreover, it is the best choice for a parent, because it has GPS built-in. You can easily track your kid’s location throughout the day. Its 2-way communication feature provides higher voice clarity.

    It’s easy to use a GPS tracker watch that your kids can understand easily as compared to other watches. 

    • SOS emergency calling
    • 2 way of calling with voice clarity
    • Full-color HD touch screen
    • GPS tracker
    • Can work with or without SIM card

  • Photo albums to easily save your photos.
  • 7 learning games
  • CONS

  • Don’t Support 3G and 4G
  • Can save only 10 contacts
  • Themoemoe Kids Smartwatch – Best For Kids

    • 100 hr standby
    • 400mAh battery
    • 128×128 pixels GSM

    The moemoe Kids Smart watch is one of the best-rated kids watches with updated advanced features. It gives a phone-like experience with its two-way call. Additionally, children can call directly to their parents with only one touch whenever they are in the problem. All they have to do is to press the SOS emergency call button for 3 seconds. 

    Kids make calls, chat via messages and can capture selfie pictures. Besides this, parents can watch their kids via the app with a remote camera. 

    • GPS locator
    • 2-way call with voice clarity
    • Remote camera with remote voice monitor
    • 1 key SOS
    • Voice chat

  • Can save up to 10 contacts
  • Can fix up to 3 numbers for SOS emergency calls
  • Parents can track and watch their kids through the app.
  • Unlocked for worldwide use.
  • CONS

  • The MP3 player is not supported
  • Only Support 2G GSM micro SIM card
  • Kids Smart Watch GPS Tracker – Best For Kids

    • 300-450mah battery
    • 2G CPU Model
    • 128 MB RAM
    • Square screen shape
    • 128*128 HD resolution
    • 0.3MP Rear camera

    Kids Smart watch GPS tracker is one of the best multi-functional smartwatches for boys and girls. Your kids can use this smart watch as an independent phone to contact you instead of expensive phone calls. 

    Moreover, when you insert the Sim card the watch will enable you to make micro voice chats and works as a Walkie Talkie. Instead of this, if your child got stuck in any problem, he can call you through the SOS emergency button key. 

    When it comes to your child’s security, this watch helps you a lot. With it’s GPS tracking you can track the location of your child. Additionally, with remote monitoring, you can monitor your child’s location in real-time. 

    If your kid is attending tuition or school, use the non-disturb period feature. It blocks all incoming calls and messages during a specified period.

    • Android Wear with GPS Technology
    • SOS emergency call
    • Passometer function
    • Remote control function
    • 24 hrs instructions with the power reserve

  • Compatible with all wrist types
  • Do not disturb mode enabled
  • Low power alarm
  • CONS

  • Users can’t adjust the volume.
  • Kids Smart Watch GPS Tracker – Best For Kids

    • GSM communication system
    • 32 GB enables storage
    • 300,000 pixels Camera
    • 380 mAh lithium polymer battery
    • 1.54 inches IPS HD colored screen
    • Resolution 240×240

    This kids smart watch builts with updated Technology and enables you to advance features. It will be a perfect gift for your child to nurture your child’s growth. Because of its advanced phone-like features, it is considered to be the best cell phone watch for your child. 

    This Kids smart watch allows your child to directly make phone calls from it and only needs to insert a sim card. You can set 10 contact lists to support. It also supports the SOS alarm, which is helpful in an emergency. 

    Moreover, it’s 300,000 pixels Camera permits to capture selfie pictures and stored them in a 16GB SD card. Additionally, they can have fun with audio-playing and can enjoy the music anywhere. 

    To make your kid’s leisure time exciting, this watch comes with 7 funny games. 

    • SOS emergency call
    • Funny games
    • Multilingual Support
    • Camera and audio player

  • 90 days refund policy
  • 1-year warranty
  • 16+ GB free SD card
  • CONS

  • Don’t Support 3G and 4G
  • Doesn’t support GPS and LBS tracking
  • Funntech Smart Watch for Kids

    • 300mAh battery
    • 0.5W speaker
    • 80,000 pixels camera
    • 1.54 IPS display

    This is an amazing smartwatch for kids enabled multi-functional systems. You can dial numbers, send text messages, use a step-counting pedometer, and much much more. The amazing thing is that it enables you to use social media all in one place including Facebook, Twitter and so on. 

    Besides this, it enables you two working modes. First is Bluetooth smartphone companion mode, you can use this mode without a SIM card. You can connect your watch with your phone and can easily make calls. Second is an independent phone watch mode. You can make phone calls, including answering, dialing and messaging if you have inserted a 2G GSM micro-SIM card. 

    Moreover, it is built-in with the synchro function. All you have to do, scan QR code, download the BT app, install and use the sync software. It enables you to view, read and reply to messages by the Kids Smart watch. 

    • Activity tracking
    • Music control
    • Anti-lost function
    • Sleep monitor
    • Image viewer and social media

  • Social media enabled
  • Bluetooth Support
  • Multi-functional
  • CONS

  • Problems may occur during charging
  • Bluetooth mode is only for Android phone
  • Smart Watch for Kids Boys Girls

    • 1.44 inches High definition LCD display
    • 400mAh polymer battery
    • 5-7 days of standby time

    Smartwatch for kids boys and girls is a complete package of advanced features, updated technology and easy to use manual.

    KIds Smart Watch comes with an elegant eye-catchy design and allows kids to play games, make calls with SOS and alarm features. With the music-player, they can enjoy music anytime, anywhere. With its camera, kids can take selfie pictures, and save them into SD cards. They can play and record audio with good sound quality. 

    Moreover, they can easily understand its user manual and can use it without any problem. 

    • SOS emergency calls
    • Music player with good sound quality
    • 7 exciting puzzle games
    • Ultra-low radiation loudspeaker
    • Photo albums to save photos

  • 30 days replacement policy
  • 1-year warranty
  • You can save up to 3 SOS numbers
  • CONS

  • It’s not a waterproof watch
  • SD card isn’t included in the package
  • Kids Smart GPS Watch

    Which parent wouldn’t want to keep an eye on their child? Every parent wants to be aware of their child’s activity. This is where the Kids smart GPS watch comes in. Now, these wearable devices come with more than entertainment. 

    Smartwatches for kids with GPS permits parents to keep an eye over their child’s moves. They can keep track of their child’s location by using apps. This gives help when you go out from the home to a park or a mall. Where you can do your work without any fear related to your kid. 

    GPS Smart Watches for kids is now becoming the first choice of every parent. They can create a radius of safety for their child with tracking and recording activities. Kids Smart watch with GPS integration also gives you, your child’s real-time location information.  


    What is the best smartwatch for kids?

    Well, there are many smartwatches in the market that claim to be the best for your kid. But you have to take note of some properties that differentiate between an ordinary Kids smart watch and the best smartwatch. Based on its features, Kids Smart watch GPS tracker by HESTIA is the best smartwatch for kids. For more information please read the review about the best smart watch for kids. 

    What is the lifetime of a Smartwatch?

    Average Kids Smart watch doesn’t last more than 1-5 years. However, it depends upon the quality of the smartwatch and brand.

    Where to buy kids smartwatch?

    You can smartwatch from Amazon or if you want to purchase it from Apple or Sprint you can also order it at their official websites.

    What age is best to use the smartwatch for kids?

    According to the studies taken by several companies it is concluded that the best age to use the smartwatch for kids is between 4-15 years. However, companies design it for children of age 3 years.

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