How To Get Paint Off Skin

How to get paint off skin

Playing with different colors and doing the painting is a very fun activity to do. Many people nowadays have adopted this skill as their habit. The painting is also considered among one of the most stress-relieving activities as it gives your peace of mind and keeps you calm and cool.

While doing painting there is always a possibility of paint stain on your skin. No matter what kind of paintings you are making, whether you are spraying paint, painting on a canvas with oil, or just helping a toddler with finger painting, there is sure to be some excess of paint left behind on your face and hand.

There are many different ways to get the paint off your skin. But all these methods depend on the nature of the paint. There are different ways to treat the different types of paint stains. As a bonus, these methods work well to remove paint from hairs as well.

How To Remove Water-Based Paints From Skin?

How To Remove Water-Based Paints From Skin

Water-Baed paints are the easiest paints to take off from your skin. But the condition is that the paint on your skin is wet, otherwise, if the paint dries on your skin then it becomes a bit difficult to remove it. There are different types of Water-Based paints and each water-based paint has its own specific technique to remove it. Types of water-based paints include:

  • Latex house paint in liquid or spray form
  • Acrylic craft paint
  • Watercolors
  • Tempra brush and finger paint
  • Fabric Paint

There are several different cleaning methods but always try best to start with the gentlest method and then move to aggressive cleaning methods as needed.

1. Use Soap and Water

At a sink or in a bucket of water wet the area of your skin where there is the wet stain of the paint. Generously apply the soap on that area of the skin where there is paint stain or rub the bar soap on that area.

Work the soap into a lather form and then use your hands or a washcloth to gently scrub away the paint. Properly risen that stained area with warm water after scrubbing and then repeat this process if needed.

2. Add an Abrasive Element

If the paint does not come out easily with the soap then there is a need to add some abrasive element to the lather created by your soap. These abrasive elements like granulated sugar, tablespoon salt, or soaps that contain ground pumice, helps you to release the paint from your skin. Wash your skin with a gentle scrubbing motion and then rinse it well with warm water.

3. Use Isopropyl Alcohol

If the paint has dried or dampens on your skin then use a cotton ball and some Isopropyl Alcohol to clean it. Apply the alcohol to the specific area of your skin where there is a dry paint stain and then rub it gently on the skin to get rid of it. Wash the area properly with soap and warm water. Use a washcloth to provide a gentle abrasion.

How To Remove Oil-based Paints From Skin

How To Remove Oil-based Paints From Skin

Oil-based paints are more difficult to remove from the skin, especially if they have dried on the skin. The oil-based paints contain petroleum distillates that can be irritating to the skin.

It should also be removed as soon as possible otherwise it may cause any harm to your skin. While solvents like turpentine and mineral spirits will remove oil paints easily but try to use these in the end after trying all other treatments.

1. Use Oils

Take an old cloth and use it to apply the mineral oil, baby oil, vegetable oil, and even mayonnaise on the area of the skin where the paint is dried. Let the oil sit on the skin and leave it for one to two minutes.

Scrub the area gently and wipe off the paint with an old cloth. Then risen your hand properly with warm water. Use the abrasive element technique if the paint does not remove with the soap. Repeat the process if needed especially around the fingernail beds

2. Mix Glycerine and Mineral Spirits

If the paint is so stubborn that it does not get off your skin then there is a need to add a solvent to remove the paint. Try to use the solvent in a very little amount as much as is required. Clean up the skin in the well-ventilated area and remove it as quickly as possible. Use a cotton ball to apply glycerine to the paint-covered skin so that area of the skin starts loosening the paint.

Use a second cotton ball to add some mineral spirits to the area and then rub the skin gently to wipe away the paint. After all, this process immediately washes away the area with soap and warm water to remove the glycerine and solvent.

Tips To Keep Paint Smudges Off Your Skin

Tips To Keep Paint Smudges Off Your Skin

Following are given some of the tips to get rid of these paint smudges:

  • Try to wear thin rubber or plastic gloves when you are painting. Doing this saves your skin from being dirty because of paint.
  • Try to wear full-covered clothes while painting like a full sleeve shirt, full-length trousers, and fully covered toe shoes. You can also make one of your specific dresses for painting that you will only wear while painting.
  • You can use a paint roller guard as well. It prevents smudges when painting.
  • For easier and convenient use you can add a pistol-grip handle tool to spray cans and less paint on your trigger finger

All these above-mentioned tips can turn out very beneficial for you are fond of painting or you are a painter.


When we talk about removing paint stains from your skin, there are a variety of different methods you can choose from. With the above-mentioned guidelines, you now have to know about many techniques for the removal of painted stains from your skin. Any of the methods mentioned above can help you through the process of removing paint stains from your skin.

Different paint types have their own respective techniques to get rid of them. By following the above-mentioned techniques properly you can get rid of paint stains very soon. Following the techniques properly saves your time so you can spend your time on your other activities too.

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