How Do You Maintain A Live Edge Coffee Table? 5 Easy Tips 2021

Live Edge tables or the live edge coffee table, to be more specific, are indeed the new and equally lovely rage of the aesthetic world. Featuring an alluring and significantly more natural construction, a live edge table does stand out notably among all the furnishing equipment.

It has got its exceptional construction approach in sustaining the original roughly shaped tree trunk edge. Within this sort of table construction, the bark of the tree isn’t made smooth with a saw and thus the edges of the table truly depict the native look of the tree trunk from which it is made. And it does look amazingly attractive while it escalates the delightful wooden appearance.

The live edge table appears to be ravishingly appealing when it is in the form of the live edge coffee table. As in this way, one can enjoy the “lively” sensation of a tree. The live tree coffee table is indeed a trendiest furniture type and thus has a wide demand around the globe.

Types and Styles of Live Edge Coffee Table:

Live tree coffee tables come within several types (based upon the tree type) and styles (based upon the shapes and sizes) and all tend to look equally dazzling. These immensely remarkable options include cherry live edge table, waterfall live edge coffee table, natural edge coffee table, wood slice coffee table, wood slab coffee table, round live edge end table and many other white desk with drawers wonderful options to select from.

How Do You Maintain A Live Edge Coffee Table?

Post the selection phase, there is this frequently asked question that is regarding the maintenance of your live edge countertop, tabletop or coffee table. This is particularly a matter of concern since the live tree coffee table is primarily made of wood and thus is obviously much threat-prone when in contact with moisture or spills. Therefore, it goes without saying that it is highly recommended if you make use of your coffee table with a live edge very carefully.

This safety maintenance of the live tree coffee table comes with a number of precautions as well as a careful handling of not just the table itself but also the water reservoirs around it.

Maintain A live Edge Coffee Table Useful Ways

Upcoming are a number of methods, mainly tips and tricks, that you can make use of and hence extend the life and ultimately beauty and serviceability of your live edge coffee table. And that too, in a fairly notable way showing amazing consequences!

1- Seal the Deal

Although the live tree coffee table has its unique decor approach in having the rough and non-smooth edged designs, yet it is a good idea if you go for a further fine finishing. This finishing thing includes the sanding, sealing and curing of the wood, in order to increase its life expectancy. In addition to providing the longevity, it will protect your live edge furnishing equipment from all the damaging factors as well as the exposure to moisture.

Now when it comes to sealing the live edge wood coffee table, you’ll find a number of sealing agents and elements that will do the job for you and aren’t much costly as well. They’ll effectively keep your live edge wood absolutely safe from moisture and ultimately save it from offering a hosting to the fungal and bacterial accumulation. In addition to that, using a wood sealer will also save the live tree edge from rotting. At this point, there’s one more thing worth remembering i.e. it’s best if you do the first coating of the wood sealing procedure while it’s raw. This will ensure a perfectly smooth base for further continual of the wood sealing as well as making the live edge table (or surface!) last a lot longer.

To be more specific of a sealer purchase, Polyurethane is a really good choice in this regard. It comes with quite a significance in making the sealing process really simple to carry out. All you’ll need to have is of course, the Polyurethane primarily, followed by a sponge brush. You can begin sealing your live wood edge by applying a smooth and fairly abundant layer of the Polyurethane while it’s still raw and then wait for it to dry. After that, you can finish off the process by sanding the surface and wiping it with mineral spirits respectively.

Another important aspect of the wood sealers to be noted is that they don’t affect the appearance and beauty of the wood’s natural color and texture in any way. These wood sealers come in the transparent (clear) form and thus you won’t have to be concerned about the loveliest natural color or your live edge coffee to be concealed in any way.

Lastly, it goes without saying that having your live edge wood sealed will make it appear a lot more polished, as well!

2- Keep Those Stains and Spills Away!

Now that’s one pretty obvious yet a quite ignored fact. The longevity of your live edge coffee table lies within a careful handling, for sure. This “handle with care” scenario goes equally crucial for both the sources of moisture as well as the stains too. Obviously none of us would want our cute-looking table that gives off a lovely sensation of being around a real tree, to be accumulated by any nasty stains or marks.

As per the foremost advice in this regard, do make sure that the things containing water (jugs, glasses, eyes! Just in case! etc) are preferably kept away from the live edge countertop or tabletop. And if it isn’t avoidable then at least ensure practicing a watchful handling. Same goes for those objects, incidents and people (yeah those troublemakers!) far far away from your alluring live tree coffee table. Now this staining can not just come from if there are drinks or soups placed on the table, but also if it experiences a prolonged exposure to the sun.

A direct blazing sunlight is definitely meant to harm the live edge surface in totally irreversible ways. It won’t just make the surface reach a color-fading very soon, which undeniably looks very bad, but will also cast several really tough marks over the live edge surface. The best solution to avoid this certainly-very-bad situation is to place your live edge table in a covered (preferably!) or shaded area, so as to prevent the sun damage.

Another significant element to prevent your live edge furniture from, is any of the sharp or harsh objects, that could cast a legit damage to the surface and beauty of the live tree coffee table. This, of course, also calls for a much careful operation of all the rubbing objects and surfaces nearby the live edge surface, in order to ensure its safety.

3- Clean it Carefully!

Yeah you heard it right! That it isn’t merely the careful handling of the live edge coffee table that is considerable but also a cautious cleaning, as well. Since being the homo sapiens, we can’t possibly diminish the ratio of the mistakes and blunders we get to make. After all, “To err is human!” is what they’ve generated as a statement (a fairly true one!) to describe the most genius creatures in the entire universe (not to offend the aliens!).

Jokes apart, since it’s pretty obvious that we can’t possibly maintain a perfect and flawless look after of our live tree table, which does result in it getting stained, marked or even coming in contact with the moisture. This is the point where we’ll need to carry out a cleaning of that very table that’s been through bad times. And don’t you forget that this decluttering and cleaning must be done in a fairly watchful manner.

As per the most recommended expert advice, it is always best and most favorable regarding the well-being of your live tree table, is that you make use of a microfibre towel(s). A microfibre towel instead of a regular dusting/ cleaning cloth or wipe will turn out to be extremely gentle for the live edge surface. Regular fabrics can tend to be harsh or inappropriate for the live edge surface, since of course it is an unfinished form of wood, and much vulnerable consequently.

Microfibre towels feature an admirable plush texture and are far more absorbent as well, when compared to other towels or fabrics. As the name suggests, their plush surfaces consist of the most wee fibres, carrying out the most gentle cleaning. Another amazing aspect is the highest levels of absorbency that eventually require a little to no effort while all the wiping and cleaning. This means that you won’t have to exert too much force over the table or the towel, or even need to scrub it very harshly, in order to get rid of the staining (marks).

All you’ll need to do is wipe the live edge surface really gently with the microfibre towel and leave the rest totally to it. The microfibers present on its surface will effectively gather every bit of the dust, dirt or debris particles that are stuck to the table. Over and above, you don’t need to be concerned even if your live edge table isn’t perfectly smooth or polished (the way it mostly isn’t) and has got tiny surface imperfections or unevenness.

The Captain Planet kinda hero i.e. Microfibre towel will efficiently pick up any and every of the accumulation that lies over the live edge’s surface, leaving it flawlessly clean and antiseptic. This is particularly important for if there’re any children in the house or you’re used to using the live edge table as a feeding spot for your infant or toddler.

This highly recommended and of course highly beneficial method will ensure that the live edge coffee table is perfectly safe for the young ones, as well, in addition to the adults.

4- Clean it The Natural Way! 

Another greatly useful maintenance hack of the live edge table is to make use of absolutely the natural materials, in order to carry out its cleaning. Since we’ve settled for more of a natural decor, i.e. the live tree table (so as to feel all-natural!) Therefore, it’s also best if we consider using natural material and agents only, so as to clean it thoroughly.

Now there are a number of options you can go for, in order to clean up your live edge surface, the most prime one of which is the White Vinegar. Exactly! The protagonist ingredient of all the soups, pastas and nearly every other food, the vinegar has also got its remarkable functionality in being an excellent cleaning agent, as well. Many of us already know about the wonderful and universal cleaning properties of the vinegar and have also made use of it at some point(s) in our lives.

Vinegar, with its natural and super effective antibacterial characteristics will offer the most effective cleanup of all buildup over the live edge table’s surface. It can also deeply penetrate within the uneven areas, bumps, and certain ragged areas of the live tree coffee table and make them unstained thoroughly. However, don’t forget to mix the vinegar with warm water, so as to achieve a finely diluted cleaning solution.

And another point to keep in mind here is to make sure your cleaning fabric should only be damp and CERTAINLY NOT WET or the one with a dripping solution. Ideally, you should go for dipping your microfibre towel in the vinegar+water solution and then squeeze it well, so as to get rid of all the excess solution. This microfibre should just be moderately damp and then of course, you can work your way through the entire live wood table of yours. A gentle wiping twice or thrice is usually enough for the live edge surface to get cleaned completely.

Post the wiping, pat dry the surface with a dry microfiber towel and Voila, here’s your sleek and glistening live edge counter or table top, absolutely free of any deposition, and sparkling like a brand new.

Last but surely not the least, when it comes to cleaning a live edge coffee table, always make sure that you choose a really mild cleaning agents for this purpose and strictly avoid any harsh chemicals or cleaners! As this is meant to do more harm than good!

5- Don’t Forget The Conditioning!

Not just for your hair and body but also for your cute live edge coffee table, so as to maintain its entire beauty and make it last considerably longer as well. Post purchasing (or getting!) your live tree coffee table is a really fruitful idea to have its surface conditioned thoroughly with a conditioning cream. This conditioning which you can also call polishing will ensure the perfect smoothness of the live edge surface, by effectively diminishing all the scratches and inconsistency.

However, there’s one more thing you’ll need to take care of, in order to make the most out of your live edge furniture as well as its maintenance expenses. This is to carefully wipe away any excess amount of conditioning/polishing cream and to make sure there’s no additional buildup left on the live tree’s surface. This step will turn out to be immensely favourable in terms of the maintenance of your coffee table live edge and surely vice versa!


These were a few of the highly recommended ways on “How do you maintain a live edge coffee table?”. Hoping for these to be really beneficial for you to enjoy your natural decor in the most wonderful manner!

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