Giantex Wooden Picnic Table

4. Giantex Wooden Picnic Table

Why it’s Great

The Giantex Wooden picnic table is considered among the best picnic tables. This table is in a spherical shape and its shape gives it a unique look. Easily 5 to 6 persons can accommodate on this table. Everyone can sit comfortably and enjoy their meal and have fun together. Along with the shape the size of this table is also good. It is wide and large enough to settle down on it properly. This table looks lovely on deck or a patio corner.

As it is treated with water-based paint, it gives it extra protection. Moreover, it has an extra protective layer on it, so many people prefer this table. So these are some qualities for which it is known as great. This circle table is achieved by its four smoothly arched benches and would look alluring in an adorn or patio collar.

The Table comprises this wood, so It’s composed of cedarwood, the wood which is composed of some plastic and fiber and has been conducted with water-based paint, which gives it special certainty from weather calamity. This provides it with firm protection. As this table is composed of good and durable wood so it gives a long-term validity of staying strong. It ensures that it can last up to one to two years easily. It measures about 44 inches over, and each bench can grip either an adult or two children. This table is so comfortable and light to handle. It is easy to clean this table.

Advantages of Giantex Wooden Picnic Table

  • Rustic Design:

Features an excellent blend of classic style and practicality. This chic set is a welcome extension to lawns, patios, decking areas, and many other occasions. It Enhances the look of the occasions or place where it is displayed.

  • Durable Construction:

It is made of fir wood, sturdy and durable. And it also is treated with water-based paint, which adds a special layer of insurance and provides an alluring, burnished finish. This special layer helps it a lot to stay long

  • 4 Benches for 8 Person:

8 kid’s seats or 4 adults wooden bench round table with a max capacity of 2000 lbs. This table gives the best accommodation. Easily everyone can fit into it and can enjoy their leisure time together.

  • Special Umbrella Hold:

An umbrella hole is placed in the middle of the table. Easy accumulation is required. The umbrella displayed in the middle of the table gives it a very cool look and enhances its beauty.

  • A Beautiful Garden Ornament:

It is pester-free attractive furniture and will add some rustic charm to your garden. This rustic look gives a very different vibe while having a meal out the door on this table.

Giantex Wooden Picnic Table

Disadvantages of Giantex Wooden Picnic Table

  • Because of the heavy weight, the table is hard to move.

It is not so easy to carry this table anywhere we want. At least at a time, 2 to 3 persons are needed to lift the table, as it is so heavy.

  • It is not good for luxury style or another colorful house

In a colorful house or any colorful place, it does not give a proper vibe. All the setup is mixed matched. That’s why it is not good for a colorful house or setup.

  •  The table is only available for 4 people

This table does not give you good accommodation. Very few people can sit on it. A family or gathering with over 4 persons should not prefer this table because it does not appear the best picnic table for them as it offers less accommodation.


The best alternative of giantex wood is given below

  • The Cedarwood Picnic Table

It is used as the best alternative for giantex wood


Giantex wood is one of the best wooden picnic tables. This Table gives your furniture the best sleek look. The Giantex Wooden Picnic Table is very durable and sturdy. It is a very elegant garden ornament. This table gives an extraordinary charm to the gardens. It provides you with the best accommodation. A big family can easily settle down on this table without facing any hurdle. On sunny days this table helps you a lot. As it has a hole in between which holds an umbrella. This umbrella helps a lot to provide you with a cool shade on a bright clear day. Despite all the great perks delivered by the wood furniture, there are also some of its flaws.

It is not so portable. This table is heavy in weight. It is not easy to carry it everywhere. This table does not give you a proper luxurious is a just simple unique table only.

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