Cyclone Dust Collector Top Reviews 2021

A cyclone dust collector is a perfect way to remove dust from commercial and industrial areas as well as other particles. It helps us keep our work environment safe and secure.  Dusty conditions mainly are not suitable for our safety. So, if you are performing a job that makes the atmosphere dirty with Milwaukee mag drill-like woodworking, you can use a dust cyclone collector to your protection.

Best Cyclone Dust Collector

In the market range from small to big, there is a particular type of cyclone dust collectors. In the meantime, some people are even creating their own DIY cyclone dust collector. You will determine the power of the dust collector cyclone according to your requirements. In this post, we concentrate mainly on the dust collector DIY from the home shop cyclone. These aren’t very large, like a collector of commercial cyclone leaves. You are not using a lot of power to run, either. Yet, enough energy to clean up the dust condition in our home store.

Cyclone Dust Collector Reviews

This is where we need to help with our comprehensive studies. Here we’ll give you all the details you need to select the best 10 amazon products of the cyclone dust collector. Now, why are you going to rely on these dust collector reviews? Okay, for a variety of reasons, we’re someone who can support you. We’ve checked all these items in our laboratory, we take input from a variety of tradespeople, and we’re collecting lots of real user reviews online.

Infant Optics DXR-8

Jet JCDC-2 – 2 HP Cyclone Dust Collector

  • Power: 2, HP.
  • Inlet: 2×4 inches, 6 inches.
  • Suction Capacities: CFM 1.538.
  • Drum Level: 30 gallons.

Jet JCDC-2 is the first pretty much up when it comes to comparing cyclone dust collectors, since Jet is the most popular brand. It is the 2-HP variant, with a suction force of 1,538-CFM.

It also comes with several other impressive features, such as a 6-inch inlet or 4-inch double inlet—a 1-micron filter performance of 2-micron particle filtration at up to 99 percent.

The included gallon capacity is 30-gallons extensive and designed for quick movement and emptying on casters. Nonetheless, the problem here is that some people consider 30 gallons way too small.

If you can override the drum size, it would be good to let the machine run for 2, 4, 6 or 8 hours before you shut down the included remote with its 50 m range and distant timer settings. A 5-year guarantee from Jet backs this offer.


  • High capacity dust collector.
  • Provides remote settings with a remote timer.
  • Comes with easy-to-move rollers.
  • CONS

  • Observed cheaper dust collectors.
  • Some units’ drums are more prominent.
  • Infant Optics DXR-8

    Harbor Freight Dust Collector

    • Super Dust Deputy XL
    • 2HP dust collection
    • Power suction; 120V

     If you need a new jet cyclone dust collector, then harbor freight is the best option to adopt. Its Shop vacuums are an excellent start to gather dust and chips in your workshop or cellar, but a full-size dust collector can provide even more suction and greater chip efficiency for devices such as the planer and jointer. The expense of a device that sits around collecting dust is always difficult to justify, particularly if you still need other instruments to do stuff! 

    Better results. Although it has no mind-blowing suction when attached to special tools such as a table saw, jointer, or planer, it has plenty to catch dust. You’ll invest in blast gates to handle the system suction, and to keep my hose runs short. If the manual is annoying, and in a variety of situations, it misleads me.

    In a collector with at moins a 2HP engine with a CFM 650 suction and a 5-micron bag, you can search on the Internet, home stores, and wood workshops. You never found a Harbor Freight version for less than $200**, including deliveries, so that you can choose it as the next competitor.


  • Cone vortex technology.
  • Extremely quiet one-stage operation.
  • Any clogging of premature filters.
  • CONS

  • Not suitable for minute pieces of dust
  • Infant Optics DXR-8

    Jet JCDC-3 – Heavy-duty 3 HP Cyclone Dust Collector

    • Super Dust Deputy XL
    • 2HP dust collection
    • Power suction; 120V

    If you want to know about best cyclone dust collectors, then Jet tools are some of the most popular and the last and most critical woodworking cyclone dust collection machines in this study.

    The Jet JCDC-3 is an 8-inch inlet 3-HP unit with a 1,963-CFM airflow. The kit also contains a 3-hose splitter that produces three 4 inch inlets each.

    The difference is that this one comes with a 66-gallon tank that is suitable for medium to large shops with other Jet Cyclone Dust collectors. All other features, such as caster wheels, 50-ft timer settings remote, and Jet’s 5-year warranty, remain the same.


  • Stark console with remote control.
  • Produces suction force.
  • Particulate filters up to 1 micron.
  • CONS

  • It’s a powerful and big unit.
  • Infant Optics DXR-8

    Laguna Cyclone Dust Collector with Tools MDC0680 – 3 HP

    • Inlet: 3×4 inches, 8 inches.
    • Suction Capacities: CFM 2,200.
    • Drum Capacity: 60 liters.
    • Power3 HP.

    For those who want a keen collector of cyclone dust, this Laguna Tools unit provides just that. It comes with an impressive 2.200 CFM powerful 3-HP suction system.

    This contains an 8-inch inlet and a 3×4 “splitter so that you can mount up to three 4-inch tubes at once. It has a 1 micron cartridge with a plissed size of 60 gallons.

    This unit is a treat for those finding the best systems for collecting cyclone dust. Its remarkable numbers, 78 dB of noise level and its remote high-frequency feature in every direction distinguish it.

    The downside is that it’s costly and it weights a lot. Nonetheless, it is entirely mobile on swivel casters, and with a 2-year warranty, it is supported by Laguna Tools. We recommend only if you want a quick and robust dust collector for the cleaning process.


  • Powerful Configuration.
  • Provides remote control of high frequency.
  • A drum size of 60 gallons is impressive.
  • CONS

  • Packages that are easier to purchase.
  • This is a conductor of fairly solid particles.
  • Infant Optics DXR-8

    Shop Fox W1823 – Portable 1.5 HP Cyclone Dust Collector

    • Strength: 1.5 HP.
    • Inlet: 2×4 inches, 6 inches.
    • Suction Capacity: CFM 806.
    • Capacity for drums: 20 gallons

    This Store Fox W1823 is one of the best cyclone dust collectors for small shops, measuring just 32 x 21 x 21 inches and with a weight of only 147 pounds.

    It is powered by a 1.5-hp suction machine, generating CFM 806. This has an inlet of 6 inches, with an average static pressure of 10.4 inches. There is also a Y-splitter in the box to transform the 6-inch channel into two 4-inch channels.

    The downside is that it only has a filter of 2.0 microns, although several other systems have filters of 1.0 microns. With only 806 CFM, its spectrum of applications is also small.

    Nevertheless, it set it apart by its lightweight nature and portability. Shop Fox uses a 20-gallon vid bucket, and a 2-year warranty is added. This is the best option if you are still searching for a dust collector.


  • Portable, compact collector of cyclone dust.
  • 1.5 The HP delivers 806-CFM suction.
  • Comes with a two-year warranty from the maker.
  • CONS

  • The only 2.0-micron filter, some 1.0-micron filter.
  • Other collectors of dust extract over 806 CFM.
  • Infant Optics DXR-8

    Clear Vue CV1800LH – 0.5-Micron Homemade Cyclone Dust Collector

    • 2.0-micron filter
    • Dust extract over 806 CFM.
    • Mounted at 96 inches
    • Offers an inlet of 6 inches.

    When making this machine, Clear Vue Cyclones takes a different approach. First, it’s made from a polycarbonate sheet; then, it comes without a cleaner bin and filter.

    However, the strengths of 1442CFM make this unit one of the best cyclone stain collectors for the price when comparing results. With this efficient means of filtering particles down up to 0, 5 microns.

    If you want the cleanest air delivery, then find out this is the dust collector you can opt for your home cleaning. Yet watch out for its height, since it is mounted at 96 inches and offers an inlet of 6 inches. Moreover, you can sketch the cyclone dust collector design on your own.

    The deal also extends to those who would like a more involved role in the project. And it comes with only one-year manufacturer’s warranty from Leeson, the 5-HP engine builder.


  • The collector of heavy-duty cyclone dust.
  • Up to 0.5 microns filters.
  • No need for any cleaner duct and filter.
  • CONS

  • There is no drum or filter cleaner in the kit.
  • Built with plastic.
  • Infant Optics DXR-8

    Oneida Mini Gorilla – Small & Portable Mini Cyclone

    • 5-inch inlet.
    • Capacity for drums: 22 gallons
    • Power Suction: 600 CFM.
    • 22-gallon powder bin with a lid lock

    This Oneida Mini Gorilla offers the ideal cyclone dust collector for smaller shops that need a higher degree of filtration. This provides up to 99 percent high-efficiency isolation.

    With the Oneida Mini-GorillaTM Dust Collector, transfer your dust collection onto your desktop. This two-stage high-efficiency cyclone separator uses a qualified HEPA filter to catch 99.9 percent of fine dust that provides ultimate protection against dust particles.

    For ease of movement and stability, this lightweight, compact portable dust collector features a handheld tripod base. For most small shops, the compact size helps it to match.

    A 22-gallon powder bin with a lid lock and window view holds plenty of dust and debris. A particular liner bag retention system enables the use of liner bags inside the dust bin for safe and quick waste removal.

    With such a HEPA filter media that is rated as 99.97 percent effective at 0.3 microns, also it arises with a 600-CFM suction force, which makes it one of the best performing cyclone dust collectors.

    The downside is that bigger shops are too small. However, if you have a smaller store, you can get one of the best quality dust collectors.


  • For one-time use on a single unit.
  • Shift your machine’s dust collector.
  • Ideal for the little store.
  • CONS

  • For larger shops, it is too small.
  • Its power is relatively costly.
  • Infant Optics DXR-8

    Baileigh Cyclone Dust Collector

    • Electric motor with 3 HP.
    • Extended warranty of 1 year.
    • It provides a high standard of construction.
    • 1-micron filter for proper durability

    Baileigh is a brand of cleaning equipment and products known for producing highly efficient industrial-purpose appliances. It also applies to its dust collector, which we described in this article.

    The cyclone dust collector Baileigh DC-2100C is in 1st position in this article because it is the most potent choice listed here. It is possible thanks to its powerful 220-volt electric motor. It’s the electric motor that has a 3 HP power rating that, for the majority of users out there, is more than enough.

    It can go to 2111 CFM airflow for optimum cleaning efficiency because of its consequence of this powerful electric motor.

    One advantage of this collector is the remote control of the radio frequency for ease of use. You also get a fast release of the lift barrel, which can save a great deal of time when using it.


  • Best-in-class cyclone dust collector.
  • Provides numerous user-friendly features and ease of use.
  • CONS

  • Just a one-year-long warranty.
  • Electricity usage is small.
  • Infant Optics DXR-8

    Festool Cyclone Dust Separator

    • 3 Year Warranty.
    • Building high quality at a price offered.
    • The interface is easy to use for first-time users.
    • Budget consumers and users’ competitive price tag.

    Festool is the best brand of cleaning tools and equipment known for making goods and power tools inexpensive and value-for-money. The cyclone separator is, therefore, also very cheap and is therefore suitable for budget users.

    If you like, this dust collector Festool 204083 CT is in third place because it is the most economical choice in this list, making it an excellent choice for users with a budget. Even if it has a lower price tag, this cyclone dust collector still gives you a lot of features. To several consumers, all of these features and options make it an outstanding value to money option.

    Nonetheless, it is safer for home applications and not for industrial use than this cyclone dust collector. As a result, you are having a smaller capacity 5.3-gallon bin set.

    Talking about its effects, Festool doesn’t give the user any particular airflow ranking. However, the electrical motor should be more than sufficient to be used for the home application for most users. That one provides a three-year guarantee of peace of mind, unlike any other budget option. The build quality is also outstanding and will last for an extended time without any problems.


  • Great value for money options.
  • Good standard design
  • For budget buyers and consumers
  • CONS

  • 5.3-gallon bin capacity is minimal.
  • Festool does not have an airflow rating.
  • Infant Optics DXR-8

    Grizzly cyclone dust collector / Industrial’s G0441

    • 3 HP Electric Engine.
    • Power 55-gallon bin set.
    • 1654 cubic feet per minute, airflow level
    • Grizzly delivers excellent performance

    You may have heard about it in the past, if you are familiar with Grizzly, as it provides several choices. The good dust collector alternative Grizzly delivers excellent performance, and different features of the consumer are also available.

    Another excellent option for industrial uses, as its name implies, is the Grizzly Industrial cyclone dust collector G0441.

    For this cyclone dust collector, you get a high airflow level of 1654 CFM, which is possible thanks to its highly powerful 3 HP electric motor. Sadly, compared with other options out there, this electric motor is very noisy.

    Moving on, with this dust collector’s collection tank, you get a substantial 55-gallon ability to clean a ton of material at once quickly.

    Speaking about its construction efficiency, while the design of this cyclone dust collector unit is reasonably reliable and durable, you just get a one-year-long warranty. When you’re looking for a secure and stable option, all of this isn’t the only one out there.

    But, due to its justified price tag and the numerous features, it offers the user, you do get a pretty good value for money with this cyclone dust collector. The plastic bag is made from high-quality plastic, which makes it very flexible.


  • High standard of creating peace of mind.
  • The warranty lasts one year.
  • The price tag justified for excellent value for money.
  • CONS

  • Just a one-year-long warranty.
  • Electricity usage is small.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    mini freezer

    How to build a Cyclone Dust Collector?

    It’s simple to build a dust collector if you know the basics to save your money. To construct a cyclone dust collector, you just need such things as follows:

    • Three short lengths of 1.5 pipes x 13/8” long.
    • 1.5 straight ABS connectors
    • Two buckets
    • Two rubber caps.
    • 1.5’’90 degree elbow
    • 1.5” 45 degrees another elbow
    • One small screw
    • And shop vacuum cleaner

    How to make a Cyclone Dust Collector?

    To make a cyclone dust collector, you have to follow different steps. I’m just mentioning the steps that are:

    • Materials.
    • Sketch Up Model
    • Start by assembling all the wood parts.
    • Adding the Cyclone Adapter
    • Assembling Vacuum Pipes
    • Let’s Add Some Colors
    • Install All Parts
    • LED Light System
    • LED System Test

    How Does a Cyclone Dust Collector Work?

    The working of the cyclone dust collector is simple to understand. It runs on the principle of centrifugal force by the fast, circular flow of air to catch the dust particles and debris in its vacuum chamber wall. It reaches the wall, loses momentum, and falls underneath the cyclone collector into a hopper or bin.

    How to Make a Wood Dust Cyclone Collector

     According to instructions, many people use plastic blast gates to construct clogging, etc. that won’t last over time. Moreover, you can attach aluminium doors which would probably be an excellent option to make wood dust cyclone collector

    What is a Cyclone Dust Collector?

     If you want to get rid of any dust or debris from any given material, cyclone dust collectors are one of the most useful tools. You can use a big hopper to extract any kind of dust and storage tubs and waste.

    Do Dust Collectors need to be Grounded?

    If the sawdust burns fast enough, an explosion is on you. Solid ground for non-conductive ductwork will avoid a build-up of substantial charges and a possible catastrophe. Run a wire on the ground along each branch and split into the primary coil each. Attach the conductor of the ground wire to the metal frame or lodging of the dust collector.

    Where to by Cyclone Dust Collector Local

    To buy locally dust collectors, you can visit any amazon store, eBay, and amazon affiliates sites such as ONLY BEASTS to get the best cyclone dust collector at cheap rates with the best quality and features. 


    It’s a must feel at ease with the device you work with. And when it comes to cyclone dust collectors, there is comfort about usability and load selection.

    With that in mind, we tried hard with the best dust collectors on the market to reach you out. It’s now your turn. To have a great dust collector right in your workshop, go through each of their details, features, and comparison map.

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