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A best weight distribution hitch, also referred to as a load equalizing hitch, is, fair enough, a best idea and a highly recommended product that must be owned by everybody, so as to ensure a flawless safety during transportation. It is a fairly useful thing to have, thanks to its amazing functionality which takes place thus i.e. It gets to change the exact point from where your trailer’s entire load was to be transferred to your vehicle. This way the net weight gets evenly distributed among the trailer and the vehicle’s axles and not totally on that specific point where the trailer and the vehicle are meant to meet.

Every Transport Becomes The Safest Transport!

Ensuring the use of a fairly best weight distribution hitch will significantly keep any possible swaying at bay, thus making your transportation a lot more safer. It’s the travel and transportation must-have that ensures a much-flawless safety. By using a best anti sway weight distribution hitch, there’s notably a more even weight distribution achieved during any of the up and down motion. And same goes for the perfect diminishing of any kind of swaying risk during those side-to-side motions.

Another noteworthy advantage of making use of the best weight distribution hitch with sway control is the increment within the desired trailer’s capacity of towing. This way, you can acquire a much better and firm control over your vehicle and ultimately have a much more stable transportation (ride).

In addition to that, using the best weight distribution hitch for travel trailer will ensure that there is a fairly less amount of wear casted upon both your trailer as well as your vehicle. And as per the most fundamental plus point, your driving achieves an extremely enhanced steering and braking, eventually providing you with more control over your vehicle’s movement and speed.

Top Recommendations on What is The Best Weight Distribution Hitch

Now, there are a number of options to look for your ideal one from. And by ideal we mean the one that best suits the requirements of both your trailer as well as your vehicle. Following are some of the best picks you can consider the purchase of, when searching for the best best weight distribution hitch with sway control!

1- CURT 17501 TruTrack Weight Distribution Hitch with Sway Control

This is, by far, the best style of weight distribution hitch featuring an amazing build quality with a 2-in-1 Shank. It does notably stand out among all others due to its exceptional ability of providing a super precise levelling and weight distribution for both the trailer as well as the tow vehicle. It’s got the super robust adjustable shank along with immensely mighty 35-9/16-inch trunnion spring bars. The adjustable shank gets to perfectly fit a receiver of up to good 2 inches.

With the TruTrack weight distribution hitch, you’re meant to attain the smoothest yet safest ride, thanks to its Integrated sway control mechanism. This mechanism (or feature) as the name shows, works thus; It’s got a perfect resistance against all sorts of trailer sways while entirely leveling and balancing both the vehicle and the trailer. This best weight distribution hitch features an amazing spring and cam system along with fixed support brackets, pausing the swaying of the trailer at literally four different points and thus ensuring the safest transportation/riding.

This amazing weight distribution hitch comes with the easiest setup, so as to induce a really convenient adjustment with its hex castle nuts, with which there’s absolutely no need to disassemble the hitch during the adjustments. The welded head and cast steel pieces of this best weight distribution anti sway hitch give off the highest toughness levels for the times when there’s a relatively dependable (variable) towing strength required. It can effectively lift up to good 10,000 to 15,000 lbs of GTW as well as 1,000 to 1,500 lbs of TW. Lastly, its carbide black powder coating offers the perfect resistance to all the outdoor wear and tear.

2- EAZ Lift Sway Control and Hitch Ball

This best weight distribution hitch with a remarkable weight distribution capacity of 1,000 pounds features a greatly robust mounting hardware along with a 2-5/16″ hitch ball. It ensures the perfect sway control for all travel trailers as well as for the associated vehicles, too, in order to sustain a well-balanced riding. It features a gross weight rating of 10,000 lbs and a Tongue weight limit of 1,000 lbs.

The best best anti sway weight distribution hitch i.e. EAZ Lift Sway Control comes with a pre-installed chain package along with the U-bolts over its spring bars. This amazing already-installed component approach does save a considerable amount of your precious time and also significantly saves you from getting bothered by indulging in those hard setups and adjustments. In addition to that, both the hitch ball and the sway control ball come within a specified torque over the adjustable ball mount. Together, this pre-installation as well as the torqued specification induce a super convenient riding/transportation, and that too, in the safest manner!

3- Husky 30849 Round Bar Weight Distribution Hitch with Sway Control

The Husky Round Bar Weight Distribution Hitch features a shank assembly or bolt-together ball mount to be more specific, and is fair enough the best weight distribution hitch with sway control. It is perfectly well resistant to all sorts of corrosions as well as the damage caused by other external factors, thanks to its Black polyester finish, which is truly matchless in its resistance extent. It comes with an included sway control (as shown in the name, too) and a 2-5/16 inch trailer ball.

As far as the hitch’s structural approach is concerned, there are lift brackets that effectively carry out the safest and equally easiest hook-ups, thus offering the best convenience. Both sides (left and right) of the hitch head get appropriately fitted by the Interchangeable spring bars. Measurements of the Weight distribution hitch as well as the Gross trailer weight turn out to be 1,200 pounds and 12,000 pounds respectively. As for the head assembly, it requires a 1-1/4 inch shank on the trailer ball.

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Being your ultimate well-wishers, we’d always advise you to ensure the use of a best weight distribution hitch, so as to bring about the maximum safety and security of both yours as well as of your vehicle’s. With that said, we’ve also presented you several nice recommendations or what you can call the top-picks, regarding the frequently asked question of “what is the best weight distribution hitch?”. And we’re pretty sure that by now, you can conveniently conduct a fairly wise and greatly budget-friendly purchase for yourself. Not to mention that this investment is merely the guaranteeing of your utmost safety!

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