Best LED Mirror – Unbiased Review

Looking for an LED Light Mirror? There are many alternatives available, an LED mirror lights upconveniently, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly solutions. An LED mirror is an excellent tool to assist you in better grooming that can useas a piece of furniture at home.

These mirrors come in different shapes, sizes, and features. They usually look elegant.

In the recent past, they gain immense popularity, and it’s become to choose the right mirror. That’s why we have compiled the list of top 10 LED Mirrors. In this article, we give you honest and unbiased reviews on Top 10 Best LED Mirrors to make your choice easy. So if you want to buy the best LED mirror in 2021 for bathroom, vanity, makeup, or any other purpose, read out these reviews and select your LED Mirror to buy.

Without wasting much time, let’s start exploring these mirrors and their pros and cons.

Top 10 Best Led Mirror

Zadro 10X/1X Dual-Sided Vanity Mirror – Best Led Mirror for Vanity

Zadro 10X/1X Dual-Sided LED mirror is perfect for your styling need as it is super bright with excellent magnification. It is very well crafted the satin nickel finish with elegant looks. It is the best led mirror for vanity, which makes makeup close up easy.

It magnifies so close that you can see everything on your face, and the light is so bright. You’ll be seeing, whether it’s your eyebrows, my eyes, etc. The mirror itself is adjustable and stays in place. It is a durable and very well made mirror and is not battery operated. You can unplug the cord from the base as well. The dimmable touch is good. The light can be changed from dim to bright just in one touch.

Moreover, it comes with no on/off switch. You can turn it on and off when youtouch the base. The light will come back on at the same brightness as when you turned it off. It is durable and long-lasting. In short, you get what you pay for.


  • It is the perfect height mirror.
  • Brighter lighting and great size.
  • Mirror quality is excellent.
  • The magnification works well.
  • It has a large 7″ mirror.

  • Some people find it did not travel friendly because of its size.

7x Magnified LED Lighted Makeup Mirror – Two-Sided LED Vanity Mirror

The best thing about this two-sided vanity with an LED mirror is its amazing magnification capability. If you want to see everything from face, every pore, stray hair, etc. then this mirror is best for you. With this mirror, you don’t have to lean in uncomfortably close to the mirror.

The LED light is very bright and adjustable for shaving and makeup etc. It’s aperfect sized mirror that you can carry with your while traveling. This fantastic mirror perfectly fits in the dressing room or bathroom countertop.

It’s cute, rose gold color, cordless mirror, and has three light levels which make different makeup application convenient. This mirror is a perfect makeup companion as it doesn’t distort the focus at the time of makeup. The mirror can do a 360-degree twist, which provides enough coverage.

Moreover, it’s rechargeable and comes with a charger. You don’t have to plugit in all the time. It’s the durable and the best choice for a woman who wants to have perfect makeup every time and help accommodate different uses as well. It is advised to charge it before using it for the first time.

This mirror has everything one can look for and worth spending money.


  • Very high quality made.
  • It’s a cordless mirror and has three light levels.
  • The magnification is excellent, and the brightness is excellent.
  • The LED light is very bright and adjustable.

  • The rotation can be improved.
  • The mirror has a more substantial base.

Super Slim LED Lighted Bathroom Mirror – Multiple Color Touch Switch Mirror

It is a great LED mirror for the bathroom; you need not use secondary light in the bathroom. The brightness is adjustable, and you can change the color temperature. It is easy to install vertically or horizontally, and build quality is reliable. The multiple color lighting is ranging in steps from a brightwhite to a soft dim light that could serve as a night light. You can carry out various grooming activities in the bathroom as well.

It takes only touch to turn on/off the light or adjust the brightness level. The packaging includes clear and straightforward instructions for use and installation. You need some skills to do the wiring and make sure you already have a power coming near the wall of the mirror. It’s a rectangle shape mirror with a dimmer and defogger. The memory function retains the last changed settings.

You will love the light temperature option as well as light intensity. The mounting bracket allows you to adjust the position left and right as per your convenience. Well, it provides a front-facing light but not enough if you intended to use it in a makeup mirror. You will not be disappointed with this great to lighten up the mirror for a small dressing room.


  • The mirror is well made and substantial.
  • It is high quality and easy to install.
  • Multiple light color and brightness options.

  • May slightly hum when the light is on.
  • It could be brighter for makeup.

10X Magnifying Makeup Mirror with Lights – Portable Tabletop Bathroom LED Mirror

The magnification is as perfect as that you can see everything on your skin, for example, makeup mess or pores, etc. The magnification benefits you in multiple ways like tweezing and applying eye makeup, shaving, etc. Interestingly, you don’t need to lean your neck to it.

The size is perfect, neither too big nor too small for bathroom counter, and takes much less space as compared to other bathroom mirrors available. It can be justified to different angles and sturdy standing on the table.

It comes with a Lifetime Guarantee, so it’s worth every penny, and you will be glad to have this bathroom mirror at home.


  • Lightweight and portability are fantastic.
  • This 10x magnifying mirror is super bright.
  • Perfect size to carry while traveling.
  • Energy-efficient as it runs on AAA batteries.

  • With such magnification, you can see every little thing on your face.

Tri-Fold Vanity LED Makeup Mirror – Tabletop Makeup Travel and Cosmetic Mirror

It’s the best traveling mirror with batteries. The base comes apart from the mirror quickly. You can even use it in the dark, and it will give you great results. The LED lights are incredibly bright and also work at a distance. This Tri-Fold Mirror is super thin and easy to assemble. It saves a lot of space, as well.

It comes with instructions regarding the dimming features and light adjustment. The mirror is spotless, and the quality is excellent. As a female, you can use it every day for makeup without lighting issues. You will witness a better makeup experience. Brightness can be changed from dim to brightest, just hold down the power button to adjust the illumination. A USB cord powers it, and one could easily add an extension cord as well.

It folds neatly of the size of the tablet or iPad when closed. The design fits into any room décor with magnification.

Moreover, it has a sturdy thick plastic outside, and closes up mirrors are excellent. It’s pretty heavy, and the color is super cute. You will be impressedby the weight of this mirror. You will be pleased with the mirror as it feels more expensive than it is.


  • Sturdy and beautiful.
  • It stands very steadily.
  • It is the best mirror for traveling.
  • Beautiful clear mirror.

  • No LED light on side mirrors.

Conair Double-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror – Best Bright Mirror

Conair Double-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror is pretty good and clear. The magnifying is so sharp, with no distortion that an individual can see all aspects of the face. It produces enough lighting when your face is right up to the mirror and becomes slightly dim when using the normal side. The on/off switch is convenient and places in front of the mirror.

The model is the perfect height. The oval shape seems more natural as it helps to see the full face. It’s decent to fill some shadows because of relatively warm color without harshness. Rather than whiter light bulb it comes with is very much warm or yellow, that’s why it needs to turn off whenyou’re finished your stuff with it. If you think you might have wrinkles, you need to ton them, and this mirror will help you.

It’s just right size mirror with perfect level light. It’s a good mirror for those people who need to be very close to doing makeup without glasses on. To conclude, it’s an excellent product for the money, and you will be impressed with its overall performance.


  • The mirror is the perfect height.
  • Lighting on both sides is excellent.
  • Very sleek and attractive and solidly constructed mirror.
  • The bronze color finish is beautiful.

  • It does get a little hot.
  • It is less portable.

Super Slim Bathroom Mirror LED Backlit – LED Wall Mirror

This beautiful mirror can be a perfect addition to your bathroom. It has not toframe; that’s why it makes your bathroom looks bigger. It’s quick, easy to install a mirror with many features. The defroster part of the mirror helps it stays bright all the time, even after the hot shower. This mirror is solid, attractive, well constructed, and functions well.

LED is super bright, and it has different lighting as well as color options. And it saves color and brightness settings when turns it off. You can turn it off to save electricity. The back is very thin but hides the wires. You will be able to turn on from the wall switch, or touch button on the mirror. The light uniformly distributed in each corner.

It is a perfect choice, a slim profile mirror. It’s heavy to hang, and additional wall brackets may require.


  • The mirror is easy to set up.
  • Sleek and attractive.
  • Much slimmer mirror to save the space.
  • It’s color adjustable (warm white, bright white, and cool white)

  • It’s a bit heavy.
  • It’s heat when light is on continuously.

GLAMCOR RIKI SKINNY Vanity Makeup Mirror – Selfie Bluetooth LED Mirror

This Vanity makeup mirror is specially designed with a selfie function. It’s a battery-operated led mirror with Bluetooth with a build with high-quality material. Magnetic magnifying and phone holder on it is convenient and perfect. You can use it anywhere where you feel the light is not adequate. The led mirror stand is excellent too.

The intensity of the light can be adjusted according to the need. The lighting is impressive that helps you apply better makeup on the face. You will see its fabulous bright lights. It’s a lightweight and portable mirror for traveling. The lighting is adjustable, and all the function on it goes beyond your expectation. It has five brightness settings.

It’s a classical piece that adds in the beauty of your makeup vanity area. You should buy this mirror to see anything on your face i.e., hair, wrinkles, etc. It is an incredible makeup mirror, only dream of being.


  • The lighting is perfect.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Best LED for a selfie.

  • Charging may be an issue.

10x Magnifying Cordless Makeup Mirrors – Home Bathroom Shower

The lighting is perfect, and it won’t hurt your eye if you use the mirror for a long time. The mirror lets you see into and do whatever you want to do with your face from eye makeup, too, plucking to hair sculpting, etc. And the light is bright enough with 10X magnification to highlight every aspect of the face clearly without any distortion.

The suction cup is strong enough; that’s why you can put this mirror anywhere without any need to adjust your position. It keeps the pull tab on the sucker bits to release. It can rotate to 360-degree. The on/off button in the back is more substantial.

If you want to buy a portable, budget-friendly mirror for travel purposes with the perfect size, you should try this one. It is battery-operated and fits anywhere as it requires no cords. You can use it anywhere for your makeup needs. It’s small enough to fit on the edge of the bathroom mirror or in a suitcase.


  • It’s small enough to fit on the edge of the bathroom.
  • It is lightweight and stable.
  • The price is reasonable for the quality.

  • The magnifier shows everything on the face.
  • It doesn’t have a USB Cord.

Touch-Control Brightness Sensor Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror

This mirror is fantastic. Both men and women can use it with the best visuals for trimming, shaving, makeup, etc. The light and magnification are amazing. The sensor can automatically adjust the brightness accordingly when you in front of it. And you can see everything with the light is bright.

Once charge, it lasts long (several weeks). You can charge it with a USB cord. The 5X magnification is perfect. It comes with touch control brightness; sturdy, high-quality brushed stainless steel. The clarity of the mirror is exceptional.

Moreover, it comes with a 5-year warranty and proves to be a perfect aid for applying cosmetics. It’s a pricy but worthy investment in comparison with the features and durability.


  • Brightness control on the mirror is excellent.
  • The motion detector works great.
  • It comes with a 5-year warranty.
  • Great light and magnification.

  • A person with a week eye side may find magnifiers difficult.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a LED Mirror?

“LED Mirror,” the name says it all. It’s an energy-efficient solution: mirror with Light Emitting Diodes (LED) for illumination purposes. These mirrors help people get proper grooming, whether its shaving or makeup or getting dressed conveniently.

These mirrors gain immense popularity a few years back and now available in different shapes, sizes, features, and materials.

What is the Best LED Makeup Mirror?

If you want to buy a bathroom LED mirror, you should go for a full length LED mirror, and if you want an LED mirror to carry anywhere, then portable and small size mirror best suits the need.

Are LED mirrors good for makeup?

Yes, LED mirrors are suitable for makeup. There are several LED mirrors which specially designed for makeup purposes.

Are LED mirrors any good?

Yes, they are good .

Do LED Mirrors Need Electricity?

There are three types of LED mirrors in major. ELECTRICITY, BATTERY OPERATED, and RECHARGEABLE. Battery operated LED mirror runs on high-quality batteries, and most of them are portable, rechargeable. LED mirror has a cord on it for charging and can be used in the bedroom, whereas electricity base mirrors come with wires to plug in the switch for illumination;these types of mirrors mostly fixed in bathrooms, etc.

Do LED Mirrors Provide Enough Light?

A LED mirror comes in different lighting colors and shades. Few of them are dim, few are very bright, and few are multicolor to control the brightness level. You can buy a mirror according to your needs, whether you want it for shaving, makeup, or anything else.

What’s the Difference Between Backlit and Lighted Mirrors?

Lighted and Backlit mirrors are almost the same with few differences. One difference is that backlit mirrors are slightly cheaper.


LED mirrors are to continue to gain popularity, having a reliable solution, andbecoming an important tool for makeup, shaving, trimming, etc.

Before picking a LED mirror for you, make sure where you want to place it, your budget, the size, and height, etc. We discuss in detail the 10 best LED mirrors that will fit your needs.

It was a crucial task to finalize these to match your intent. Do pick up any of the above mirrors, they are the best value for money.

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