Best Wireless and Bluetooth Mouse Brands for 2021

A mouse is an utmost essential device for your computing life. The evolution of wireless devices has led to the elimination of the traditional mouses we have been using for many years. When you have the perfect mouse for your PC, you will surely get a unique and much better computing experience.

The wireless world is not only convenient, but it is also portable. Wireless mouses provide a better computing experience to most users. You do not have to struggle much in connecting your Bluetooth mouse to your computer.

As these do not take a lot of time for connection. You do not have to keep that old mouse with a giant wire wrapping around at different places. The mouse Bluetooth feature will change your working experience with the computer for the betterment. Whether you are using your PC for gaming, working, or merely surfing across the web, it will improve your workflow. Moreover, it is certainly handy and portable.

So, if you are looking for some good recommendations, then look no further. We have found the top-performing wireless and Bluetooth mouses of 2021 for you.

The top 10 best wireless and Bluetooth mouse

Always choose a device that suits your needs. The same goes when choosing the best Bluetooth mouse. Think about what you want to use it for. Whether you want something with an ergonomic design for the easement, or you are looking for a speedy mouse. Now, you do not have to compromise speed over the mouse of your dreams and vice-versa. You can find all the vital features in one product.

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Logitech MX Master 2S

For more productivity and unique creative tasks, this is the best mouse 2021 has to offer you. It is perfect for personal use and even for office tasks and weighs just 4.97 ounces. The device has six buttons in total. Out of the six, one-button enables gesture-based commands.

It is also comfortable for long workdays because it has an ergonomic structure. The battery lasts up to 70 days of use with a single full charge. With one minute of charge time, your device can work up to three hours. The mouse has specific app controls for different programs.

Moreover, it can be linked to up to three devices at one time. This mouse has a dark field sensor that helps you to use this mouse on any surface like on a wood sheet, rubber mat, or even on thick glass.

  • Speed adaptive scroll wheel
  • Works on nearly any surface
  • Links to 3 devices at a time
  • Multiple customization options
  • Long life battery

  • Battery is irreplaceable
  • Not suitable for gaming

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Logitech MX Vertical

It resembles a fine piece of cloud which perfectly designed for your hand. The purpose of this design is to minimize the fatigue and the risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome. This design relieves physiological stress.

It has the ideal position for your wrist. It forces you to rest your hand in a way that is more conducive to long term wrist health. There is another remarkable feature i.e. you can now switch between two or more computers with a single button.

  • Innovative design
  • Great connectivity
  • Comfortable to use

  • Not useful for high-intensity work
  • Sluggish extra features

Microsoft Surface Mouse

This mouse has an easy connection to any system you choose. Its most important feature is that it lasts up to a year on two AAA batteries. It is compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 8.1, macOS, and Android. Its scroll wheel and mouse switch can be used for multiple tasks and for many hours.

It comes with a one-year warranty. It is a minimalist mouse and does not have many extra features. Many companies specifically design mice that are too small in size for the purpose of better portability. However, they do not fit evenly in the hands of every user, especially for those who have large hands. But the amazing Microsoft Surface Mobile Mouse is an exception as its size is ideal for every user.

  • Space-saving design
  • Multiple color options
  • Long rated battery life
  • Sturdy build quality

  • Limited palm support
  • Occasional connection lag


Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 1850

It has a symmetrical, double-faced design, which makes it perfect for the users. If you require a wireless mouse at a reasonable price, then this is the best. It is an economical device with an adjustable click force.

It uses AA batteries, which last up to 6 months with a single full charge. It comes with a warranty of three years. It is best suited for both left and right-handed users. It has no extra features or customization accents.

  • Comfortable to use
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Easy for left or right-handed
  • Nano transceiver

  • No extra features
  • Wheel does not turn properly


Logitech G502 LIGHTSPEED

It is a high-quality mouse with eleven programmable buttons. You can even customize your button layout with the Logitech G hub app. It has DPI sensitivity from 100 to up to 16,000. It has a button to replace the scroll wheel to shift into a free-scroll mode.

This mouse has an amazing quick 1ms response time. It gives you up to 60 hours of use on a full charge. Five minutes of charging gives you 2.5 hours of use. It is also very compatible to use on vacation as well as in offices. It had no trouble establishing a quick connection every time with a PC or MacBook. It has a range of 8 to 10 meters of the receiver for the best performance.

  • 11 programmable buttons
  • Hyper fast scrolling
  • 400 plus IPS
  • Single click DPI adjustments

  • Expensive
  • No extra features

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Razer Basilisk X Hyper Speed

It is the perfect gaming mouse for your PC. It has dual connectivity, which is Bluetooth for power efficiency and hyper-speed wireless connectivity for ultra-low latency gaming. The mouse has six different buttons for programs with up to 16,000 DPI sensitivity.

It also has a DPI switch to adjust the sensitivity. There is onboard memory to store almost five different profiles. This mouse has also various mechanical switches. Each switch rates for up to 50 million clicks. It runs with a single AA battery and can give 450 hours when the connection is with Bluetooth and 285 hours when the connection is with hyper speed.

  • 6 programmable buttons
  • 5 onboard profiles
  • Long battery life
  • 2 wireless connectivity options

  • Unrefined design
  • Software is buggy


Logitech MX Ergo Wireless Trackball Mouse

It is a trackball mouse. A traditional trackball mouse has a button that is below your thumb. For this purpose, MX Ergo has this button to the left of your left click button. There is a button for switching between connecting through a USB dongle and Bluetooth so that you can make smaller and precise movements.

It has a magnetic place that serves a dual purpose. By removing the plate you’ll be able to push the ball out with a pen. This way you can clean the electronic device and its connected space. Its software package is compatible with up to 3 PCs.

  • Comfortable design
  • Perfect trackball
  • Additional buttons

  • No left-handed version
  • Tilt options are restricted

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Apple Magic Mouse 2

Apple knows how to satisfy customers with aesthetically pleasing designs. It has a sleek body design with a curved surface. This mouse has no visible buttons. However, it has a single piece of acrylic that can sense touches and gestures on its surface.

This mouse is for both left and right-handed people. It is designed only for macOS devices. The macOS automatically appears a dialogue box to help pair the mouse for use. This mouse has made for work only and not for gaming. It has a DPI rated at 1300 which is impressive.

  • Fantastic look
  • Long battery life
  • Multi-touch surface

  • Not comfortable
  • Only for Apple computers

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Logitech M330 Silent Plus Wireless Mouse

It has a shiny black exterior with a matte, rubber-type section for gripping. There is a logo of Logitech on the front center and there are no extraordinary features. The mouse weighs 91g. It is only for right-handed people. There are only three basic buttons embedded in a scroll wheel.

You will get a 90% noise reduction when compared to other devices and you won’t be disappointed. It has a 1000 DPI sensors but as display resolutions grow, the DPI needs to increase too. It is wireless and connects to your computer or laptop using a plugin USB dongle over a 2.4GHz connection. It has a single AA battery with a lifespan of 24 months.

  • Long battery life
  • Comfortable to use
  • Won’t damage desk

  • Crafted for right hand only
  • Quite large

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FDV8 Ultrathin Silent Travel Mouse

It has a marble and shiny design touch. Moreover, it comes in different colors. It is slightly bulkier than the Apple Magic Mouse. There are no thumb buttons which means it has no extra features. Its slim structure makes it highly portable.

This mouse offers a 1500 DPI resolution which is more than enough for general usage. It has a battery life of 36 months with the use of a single AA battery and uses for more than 3 million clicks. It also has an automated sleep function that hits in after 5 minutes of doing nothing which helps increase battery life. There is no on/off button.

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Plug and play
  • Wide compatibility

  • Lack of customization
  • Easily get dirty and smudged


Benefits of a wireless/Bluetooth Mouse

One of the main and best benefits of a wireless/Bluetooth mouse is definitely the convenience it provides to its users. But other than that, there are multiple reasons why you should go for a wireless or Bluetooth mouse. Here are some benefits of a Mouse you must know before buying one:

Reasons to switch to a Bluetooth gaming mouse

Let’s first look at the improvements before moving to a wireless mouse. Using a cable adds more effort because you have to move your mouse and that cable too. By removing the cable, you can freely do wonders to your aim which is the main benefit of using a wireless mouse. The advanced sensor makes sure that it accurately tracks on almost any surface.

Its built-in battery can last up to four months of use. The sensor technology, button pensioning, and response towards lightning time let you experience accurate targeting and quick shooting during play or games. The ultra-lightweight design supports the effortless movement. Bluetooth gaming mouse can change DPI on the fly. The more the DPI, the more the chance to detect even minute movements. The gaming mouse fits snugly in your hand for comfort during long gaming sessions.

Is apple Bluetooth mouse useful?

Apple’s magic mouse or apple Bluetooth mouse comes in a compact packaging. Inside the box, there is a warranty and the manuals. It comes with a USB port that you can save to use other things. The most important selling point is its touch surface which is a wonderful feature. This mouse is better than most trackballs as it easily and quickly connects to your computer.

The best Bluetooth mouse for mac in 2021

There are tons of best Bluetooth mouse for mac however; choosing the most effective one will be a challenge for you. The mouse must be capable of technology handling with exactitude and a satisfying click. Logitech MX master is that the best overall. Work well, dead crafted for the form of your palm. Create, and do a lot of innovative tasks with ideally placed front, back, and gesture buttons with a replacement thumb wheel.

Effortlessly transfer text, pictures, and files between computers. chase permits you to trace on nearly every surface even on glass with 4000 DPI exactitude. Cowl seventy days on a full charge which suggests three hours of use from one-minute charge.

The wood risers are the solid ones. The bed risers’ wood helps to stand the bed and increased ergonomics. These provide a safer biomechanical benefit to the user. The wood is quite durable and attractive. Easy to use with nearly any bed – universal style to suit utterly different bed designs. It can be used with square or spherical bedposts and with castors. 2 sets are required usually for a king-size bed. It may also be used to raise a sofa’s height to permit storage beneath.

Best Bluetooth wireless mouse guide

Choose a mouse that suits your desires. High DPI is nice for high-resolution displays or multi-monitor setups. It permits you to traverse the screen faster. Once shopping for a wireless mouse your selection is between frequency or Bluetooth models. Bluetooth is a lot of convenient. A USB port isn’t precious and battery life will simply run to a year or 2. It’s simple to share one Bluetooth wireless mouse between many computers.

You can use Bluetooth mouse for android as well

Many of the robot devices that are out there in the industry will connect with your computer with the assistance of USB OTG. You will conjointly connect wireless mouse with the robot through Bluetooth and use the mouse indicator to navigate through screen. All the functions of a mouse that used on the computer are applied within the robot devices with no restrictions and limitations.

Once you recognize that your robot phone is compatible with USB OTG cable, you just ought to connect it. Also, connect the wireless mouse’s USB receiver on the opposite finish. You not ought to undergo any other extra configuration to start out operating. It is as straightforward as simply plug and play. This is how you can use Bluetooth mouse for android.

Best power unit hp Bluetooth mouse

This hp Z5000 Bluetooth mouse provides the liberty of wireless property with a trendy and sleek style. It utilizes Bluetooth property. Thus, you ought not to worry regarding putting in additional software packages or drivers. The acquainted style contains a scroll wheel and left and right clicks buttons for easy use. It’s convenient on/off switch to assist you to save battery power.

The hp Bluetooth mouse connects to your PC via Bluetooth thus there are not any cords or receivers to urge within the means. It’s compatible with any Bluetooth enabled notebook or desktop as well as PCs in operation on Windows XP, Vista, seven and eight or mac with OSX and later. The junction rectifier battery indicator can allow you to grasp once your power is obtaining low.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to connect Bluetooth mouse?

There has to be a connect button on the mouse press. Hold that button. On the pc, click on the setting’s icon. There’s seems a possibility of Bluetooth devices. Flip it on combining your mouse to the PC. Then follow the directions seen on the screen.

How to connect Bluetooth mouse to Mac?

Turn on your mouse then click on Apple’s icon. Click system preferences, by clicking the Bluetooth feature. Flip it on then press and hold the pairing button on your mouse. Wait till your mouse name appears, click connect next to the mouse’s name.

How to connect Bluetooth mouse to windows 10?

Connect your windows 10 laptop with the accent you wish, through Bluetooth. First, open the Settings app. Then, attend Devices and so to “Bluetooth & different devices.” The Bluetooth switch ought to get on. Then, click or faucet “+add Bluetooth or different device.” The “Add a device” wizard displayed. Here, opt for Bluetooth. Click on the name of the Bluetooth device that you simply need to attach.

What is the best Bluetooth mouse?

Choose a mouse that is best for you. High DPI is not continuously higher. The polling rate is very important. Wireless mouse is a higher possibility currently. Bluetooth is incredibly smart for a wireless mouse. Bluetooth mouse combined along with your laptop and might quickly switch between the various devices.

How to set up a Bluetooth mouse on mac?

Select “System Preferences”. Then click on the Bluetooth button. Flip Bluetooth On. Click the found out a brand-new Device button. Power on the mouse and hold it within the range of your computer. Click Mouse, and so click Continue. Once your mouse seems within the list, click on it and end the pairing method.

How to turn on Bluetooth without a mouse?

Click on the Spacebar button to turn on the Bluetooth without a mouse. It is the best way to activate Bluetooth by exploiting your keyboard. You will find the Bluetooth icon in the Quick actions. Other than this way, you can also use a keyboard shortcut for this purpose i.e. Windows + A. This shortcut key will open the Action Center from there you can turn on the Bluetooth.

How to connect Bluetooth mouse without a receiver?

The devices that list within the “Applies to” section do not embody their transceiver. Instead, the mouse or keyboard depends on the transceiver that engineered into the desktop or microcomputer to that it’s connected. However, the mouse or keyboard connects to the PC from Bluetooth to Bluetooth options. The association depends on whatever the Bluetooth technology is enforced on the PC.

Why is my Bluetooth mouse lagging?

Outdated drivers and incompatible will cause severe mouse issues. Faulty Bluetooth driver might lead to Bluetooth mouse not operating issue. Improper network driver may stop the 802.11n local area network from connecting to the wireless mouse. Superannuated mouse driver might cause the mouse to not operate downside and lag issue.


Everybody has different expectations from the working of a mouse. However, the main shopping priorities ought to focus on comfort and potency. Particularly you will be in need of this product for specialized tasks like gaming, coding, or any sort of designing.

Connectivity and battery life are alternative huge components to think about. If you’re a Windows- or Mac-only user, perhaps your desires are a lot of specific. However, flexibility with the device may provide you with an area for ever-changing work setups or shift back and forth between systems.

And for the stats like CPI, IPS, and battery life, it is essential to keep these figures in mind alongside priorities like movability and customization. In order to search out a wireless mouse that delivers what you wish it to, consider the above-mentioned products. Try out these top Bluetooth and wireless mouse for 2021 and find the perfect match for your PC!

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